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Moving services requests format improvement

Dear Thumbtack product managers,

There are some obvious ways to improve the format of requests for moving services for the greater good.

A usual request looks like this one on the picture.

Screenshot 2019-08-06 at 19.56.33.png

1. It would be great to have an option to zoom out the map. It's hard to memorize the location of every municipality in the state, and I'd prefer to see in one click to which part of our operation area a JP wants his movers to come. Now, to check if a request fits in our schedule I need to open Google Maps in a new tab.

2. We charge clients for travel time our crews spend to get to an origin and return to our parking from a destination. "Move distance" is not helpful in calculating this charge because a JP might need to move 30 miles towards our parking location or 30 miles in the opposite direction. Thus we have 60 miles difference in distance and $100-$150 difference in an estimated price. 

I'd suggest adding a mandatory field "Moving to ZIP." It would help movers to provide more accurate estimates and would help JPs not to be surprised by a difference in estimated and actual amounts to pay. 

3. The only parameter that might hint on possible slowdowns during a move is "Load/Unload via stairs". It's doesn't provide enough information for accurate quoting, cause moving a 3 bedroom apartment to the 2nd floor via stairs and moving the same one to the 5th floor via stairs would be a big difference in terms of time and the size of the bill. It seems reasonable to ask a JP to choose between the options private house / apartment building - elevator / ground floor apartment-no stairs / 2nd floor apartment - stairs /3rd floor apartment - stairs / [etc.]

These adjustments don't seem to be too complicated and will improve, I'm sure, JPs and PROs experience with Thumbtack.



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Re: Moving services requests format improvement

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your suggestions @TrustMoving. I'll be sure that your feedback gets sent to our Product Team to consider!

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