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Moving zip codes

The problem with information customers provide in the moving jobs is Thumbtack will ask them which zip code they are moving from and how many miles they are moving. Thumbtack does not ask in which direction. Let's say your business is 20 miles west of the starting location. If you knew the customer was traveling 30 miles to the west that would be alot less expensive for you than if the customer is moving 30 miles east. The moving company will have to pay for the employees time, gas and maintenance on the truck. If the customer is moving west, the moving truck will travel 60 miles, if the move is east the truck will travel 100 miles. I have asked Thumbtack several times to just ask the customer the zip codes the customer is moving from and to, but they have never fixed the problem 

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Re: Moving zip codes

@BM thanks for the detail you provided, it's super helpful when we pass on feedback to our Product Team. When we hear suggestions from pros, it may not be implemented immediately, but I can assure you it's taken into consideration. You make some valid points and I'll be sure to send this to our team! 

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