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How is this "new" process any better?

So, we STILL do not know what we are paying up front for a quote. THAT is a problem. Would you, as a savvy business person EVER buy ANYTHING without knowing the price up front, only to find out the seller can set the price without you knowing? As someone who has been in many different businesses (and mostly professional procurement) for over 30 years, I find it ludicrous. 

Second, if you respond anything other than "no thanks" you get charged. What about, "I need more information to give an accurate price?" That is a very fair ask.

As a professional, I would rather and I would bet thousands on here would agree with me, decide to quote on 6 potential jobs at $5-6 a piece than 1 at $30-$35. The odds just don't work and I am sure your end customers are seeing fewer quotes and less response. We would even be OK with a $5 quote and then a fee if hired by the customer. I win - you win. And, we both get more chances to win.

Think about it.

In the end, I am not sure if your team is very inexperienced, greedy or just pushing some other agenda. Listen to your members/Pros.

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Moderator Kameron

Re: How is this "new" process any better?

@MrsOutlaw for your account and service prices are being shown up front when sending out a quote to a customer. When sending out a quote below the customer's name there will be a description and a "Learn More" link. Click on that link to see what the cost of the connection will be. For those who are using Instant Match or Promote the weekly budget will be a huge help in controlling their spending. They can also check the QA section on each services budget page under "how much do I pay", to see an estimated range. When pros were paying just to send a quote the total they would spend before receiving a response would often exceed the amount they are paying per contact now. We know this isn't always the case and as I'm sure you've seen and read in other discussions, our pricing and details from customers are things that we're consistently working on and taking feedback for.

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Re: How is this "new" process any better?

@Kameron, thanks for the quick reply. I will look for the pricing and kudos for doing that.

I still don't (as many others obviously do not) agree with the second part regarding one quality, more expensive quote is being sent/received v. multiple previously. I think the quality is the same (or less with changes in pricing expected from the customer, lack of a"need more information"), so in effect we as professionals are paying more so can respond less and therefore, your customers are receivng fewer responses. Maybe I'm wrong but I've got pretty good intuition and business experience. I can tell you, I have done much less business through Thumbtack and I really like and promotoed the platform previously, both to customers and other pros.

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Re: How is this "new" process any better?

@Kameron Thumbtack still doesn't listen to us. I just got a request for dog walking. I charge $15. Thumbtack wants to charge me $6.14 to quote!!! Why would I pay that?

Also, I can't get anyone at thumbtack to understand that dog walking and pet sitting are synonymous. Actually, I don't think most people at TT know what that word means. Whether it is "dog walking" or "pet sitting", I am going to someone's house for a visit and take their pet outside and/or for a walk. Same job, same price. So, why is the quote so different for each one??

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Re: How is this "new" process any better?

I recently signed up with HomeGuide. Now, this is ODD: Their site looks exactly like the old Thumbtack, and functions JUST like the old Thumbtack. Did TT start that site too? Anyone know something about this? I find it extremely weird.

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Re: How is this "new" process any better?

That's exactly what I said about Bark. The system is identical but TT claims no connection. They probably aren't legally connected as entites, but there's some connection. The interfaces are the same.

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Re: Welcome to the Thumbtack Community!

I lasted 3 days and complaining no job. Wow the poor lose out every time.
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Thumbtack has lost its credibility.

It appears Thumbtack as of late has declined in its usage value.
Their new pricing structure has gotten ridiculous.
They tried to hide it by not allowing the pros to view the cost when quoting. They have put a note trying to justify their pricing logic(which means a lot of people have complained).

-The latest so-called improvement is that you receive a message stating "This customer has selected only you, no need to quote ", you reply, get charged approximately $50( quote used to be beteen $5-$9) and never receive a response from the potential customer.. I will not be surprised if the lead is falsely created just to charge you a fee.
When you view the competition after you reply, all of a sudden there are 8 people who have bid on a lead which only you were supposed to be on.

-At every change, the ability to view the cost for the lead gets buried, making it difficult to see what the cost is.
- It looks like the concern for the pros is an afterthought.
I am not sure if Thumbtack was swallowed up by another tech company, but there has definitely been a dramatic decline in the pro experience.
-At present, I have a very hard time recommending this site.
Loved it a while back.
- Now, it is another version of Homeadvisor.
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If and when I respond to a customer is when I should be charged. Now there are even more people that can generically respond, not really interested, just price shopping. Without personal contact and subjects like wedding rehersal and party or event, there is no way to know how much I can charge them and, therefore, how much you should charge me. You guys are shooting yourselves in the foot and I would certainly like to see you stop doing that, because it will end up hurting a lot!!

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Re: Charges


I agree!!! Been trying to get refunded for 2 generic replies from last week. Against my better judgement, I listened to a phone rep to give new system a try. Then when I asked for refund, I was sent links that they can't because it's a legit lead and contact. Really? Generic lead is legit? Their response "We felt that you were a perfect match for customers. And since they reached out to you, it shows that they are interested, so you were charged" So now they are experts in matching a DJ with customers! Some customers have different needs, each event is different. They just don't get it.