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Re: New system

Still a lousy system. Another personal example was a lady responded to my bid for A jazz band at their corporate party,as follows, "Thank for your quote. I will pass info my supervisor." Never heard from them again. Charge for that "response" was, as I recall, about 29 dollars.
Way too expensive for dead end leads in a market that targets "cheapest price shoppers."
There are better ways to do this that still keeps TT profitable. Call me and I will lay it out for you.
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Re: New system

The new system has NOT been working well for me. I'm skeptical and unwilling to send many quotes now since I don't know how much I'll be charged. 

I think the system should charge a low amount to send the initial quote, then charge a fee for a hire.

George Guarino

George Guarino
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Re: New system

I am happy to see that it looks like you have put back the clients budget section: 

Under $250
$250 - $500
$500 - $1,000
$1,000 - $2,000
More than $2,000
Other (please share your budget details)
Without it it made it impossible for me to even bid/
I would also like to see the {readiness to hire) section to go back in.
As for me as a wedding photographer where pricies can range in the thousands the old system was perfect and it seems they fixed something that was not broke.
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Re: New system

You're hilarious. These changes are terrible and it wasn't great before. My costs all jumped up ridiculously, leads are rarely under $30 now and I have not had a single one pan out since this atrocious update. 

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Re: New system

I'm a Top Pro and I think this New System is HORRIBLE!!!!

There's not way that you can say that, it's a benefit to us that more people click onto our sites when most of those clicks are useless. They're False Leads. You make $60 for my false lead or simple customer click onto a page.

Customers are NOT happy to hear that we're being charged these high fees. 

What do you want us to do? Tell me not to contact us unless they're really interested? It's horrible because we don't want to be rude to potential clients but what are we suppose to do? Do we keep bidding away all our profits and get nothing back?

I'm upset. I'm upset because everyone loves my food. I've received great reviews but now it's getting harder and harder to get jobs.

Caterer are looking for work and some are undercutting everyone. Jobs that are being posted at $20 - $25 are going for $15 or less. It's crazy! That what your Auto Quote has done.

Re: New system

I agree, the new system doesn't let me know how much my quote will cost me. How is this determined.  So far the prices I've paid for the new quotes are too high.

Perhaps a low cost for customers that reply to my quote, and an additional cost if I'm hired would work out better for bother TT and myself. 

I use to send quotes to many people but now I'm concerned that I'm paying way too much for unqualified responses. My potential clients do not describe their condition nor their needs well enough for me to determine if I want to work with them in the initial request for a quote. 

There needs to be more communication between us to determine if we're a good fit.  George

George Guarino
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Re: New system

Hi @GeorgeGuarino, thanks for sharing your thoughts. One thing that I wanted to point out is that you can now see how much it will cost for you to receive a response from a customer. We heard a lot of feedback from pros like yourself and made the change. Go here to check out the conversation. 

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Re: New system

I prefered to pay to send a quote. When the fee was $3 - $5, it was fine. Now, when I send a quote and the person simply clicks on "want to talk to you"--similar to a basic Bookmark. I'm charged $60. This is crazy.

When I had to spend $3 or $5 for nothing, I didn't like it but it didn't break the bank. Now, I'm spending hundreds of dollars on false leads.

Your auto match is also horrible. You're flooding the market with more and more false leads. Plus, you're sending out quotes that Pros don't want sent.

What you had in the past worked that's why you have a striving business today. The direction you're in now, doesn't work. IT'S KILLING US.

Re: New system

Just go back to the way it was!
What was wrong with the old format? It seems like all the pros seem to prefer that format vs the new!
I miss the days when we could manage our own budget, purchase credits & had ample info regarding the job & customer before we decided to submit a bid

Re: New system

Because the new system is 60x more profitable for TT. New pros are added at a rate of 1000 per day. Until they are losing pros at a greater rate of adding them, they will deem this a preferred method. With the new system, 90% of the pros could drop out and they'll still be ahead of where they were before the changes. To TT the new system makes $, so it makes sense. You will not change that.