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Re: Not seeing jobs any more

My promote is turned on. I had turned it down some time back after I started being charged for leads I wasn’t interested in. Then jobs stopped coming, so I turned it back on, still no jobs. I just left it on for now, but whatever change was made in the app really affected the way I worked. I would prefer Pros bidding for jobs they are interested in, rather than being charged for leads that we aren’t interested in pursuing.

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Re: Not seeing jobs any more

@AcademySounds let's see what we can do to get you more jobs. I checked your preferences and travel settings and everything seems to be in order there. You have a pretty wide travel area so that should help. Your profile is very robust and has many of the things we would suggest. The number one thing I'd recommend to stand out in Search Results is working to gather more reviews. This will always be the biggest determining factor when customers are choosing who to contact and hire. The average market of reviews in your service is 17. The good news is that you can have up to ten reviews from customers that are not from Thumbtack, so be sure to share your review link with customers that were happy with your work in the past. If you're not sure how to do this you can see the steps on this page here.

In 4 weeks - 6 leads - this new update is not working

In 4 weeks - November 17 to December 17, only 6 leads, 3 from 1 service and 3 from another service.
I also have about 10 people in my feed which states, client is waiting to hear from you although it also States once I click the potential client that this client has not responded to the message yet... so 10 potentials although no one is responding.

The way the site has been updated is helping absolutely no one and I wish that Thumbtack would have read these reviews that other Thumbtack professionals are posting because if it doesn't change soon looks like I'll be spending my money elsewhere.

Which is sad because before they changed everything I had gotten 90% of my clientele from here but now that they've changed everything I've gotten one call within four weeks and that's not working.

Please change it back to the old way. As the Thumbtack professionals are paying for Thumbtack instead of the clients I believe that we should be listened to.
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A personal Case Study- Competitive Edge Resume

 Using numbers on Thumbtacks website...  This is what I am seeing. 

I am a Thumbtack Top Pro who has been with the company since 2010.  Since then, I have been hired 301 times with 142 reviews, 97% of those in the Five or four star range.  And yet my usage of TT has declined since 2017 and I expect it to continue to decline in 2019.  I attribute this decline entirely to the changes that Thumbtack has made to their service to the detriment of both pros and customers.

For purposes of this discussion, we can break 2018 down into three periods:  The old system period of January to the end of April.   The “Instant match/Pay per Contact” system from April to October and the “Promoted” period of November. 

So looking at old, I got 118 leads over four months.  Of those, 25 ended up as hires.  I spent $309.45 for those leads, or about $2.62 per lead.   If you only count hires my cost was $12.38 a hire. Given I make about $60.00 a gig, my cost was 21% of what I made going to Thumbtack.   This was acceptable as a way of doing business. 

Now, I can see Thumbtack’s position, that administering this system was a bit of a pain with all the refunds and such. 

 Moving on to the new system.   I really didn’t turn on instant match, but still selected my quotes.  Even being this judicious, during this period I got 64 quote requests of which 19 were contacts and 16 of those turned into hires.  My total spend was $378 for this six month period.  $19.89 a contact or $23.62 a hire.  So my cost was 39% of what I was making went to Thumbtack.  Less quotes, less contacts, less hires, more money spent.  If we still had the old system of 4.50 a quote, I would have only spent $288.

 After getting numerous complaints, Thumbtack heard the voice of the people and made it even worse.  And thus was born “Promoted” where instead of popping up as jobs, every possible pro was listed for a given gig, and you got tire kicking contacts that cost you slightly money, but were a lot less serious about hiring you.  Let them push a button of “When are you available?” and if cost you money even if they really weren’t concerned if you were available or not.

 Worse, because they went to unlimited contacts, and everyone and his brother across the country can compete on line for my line of work (resume writing), it means that a prospective customer is scrolling through dozens of sites before they get to me. (I only work local, not on line.)

  So with this system, I got a total of 9 contacts before I shut it off.  Only one turned into a customer, most of them weren’t even serious contacts, they were just someone pushing a canned answer such as “When are you available”.  I had a total spend of $96.78 with a loss of $36.78. 

How do you fix this? 

  • Only charge per “hire”, not per contact. True, you run the risk of people contacting each other and not reporting hires, but since you need the hires and reviews to maintain Top Pro status, I don’t think most people would do that.
  • Make the cost of a hire only $10% of the cost of the average price.
  • Limit bidding to local providers, only. I thought this was the purpose of Thumbtack, to be a virtual bulletin board for community businesses. Someone has lost the plot.
  • Go back to only having five quotes…  If the customer isn’t happy with that, they can request five more with the original five being told “You already bid on this job”. 

Will this solve all the problems? Maybe not. It might be that there are so many pros on Thumbtack now that it's just not practical to use.  

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Re: A personal Case Study- Competitive Edge Resume

@AutumnElectric - unfortunately, Home Advisor doesn't have an option for Resume Writers or anything like that.  I am exploring other options (TT was only about 20% of my business in 2017 and is down to about 12% now.) and of course, I have a day job, so I'm not going to go hungry... but if I was depending on this to put food on the table, as I am sure some pros are, then TT really has messed up some people's livlihoods. 

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Re: A personal Case Study- Competitive Edge Resume

I feel your pain fellow Thumbtack Pro.

I have been loyal to Thumbtack since 2013, and have felt the pain of their growth, which obvious is based on the ones who bring in the business like me and yourself, as I have always thought ,, Something or someone is definitely out of touch with reality in the Monday morning meetings. I pulled out of instant match several months ago, however am still being charged a ridiculous amount in the 30’ s when I reply to a lead. It is an astronomical amount compared to 1.37 per credit when I first signed up.. The huge, rapid growth thatThumbtack has experienced has not been attributed to the ones responsible, but instead those professionals have be punished... very sad state of affairs if you were to ask ...

Old format for sending quotes was way better

As an illustrator, the changes that Thumbtack made in regards to paying for leads is absolutely horrible. I would MUCH rather choose who I contact, rather than have someone message me for a job I'm most likely not interested in, and still have to pay.  Absolutely awful idea. It's honestly ruining my whole experience with Thumbtack. Does anyone know of any other apps that functions the way this one used to, where you can contact the customers yourself? I used to rely heavily on this app as a freelance artist, but now it just seems like a waste of money.

I really hate this leads thing! 

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Absolute Dissatisfaction

I have been with Thumbtack for 6 Plus Years.
I completely understand growth, and business adjustments go hand in hand with growth, and obviously are quite necessary.....HOWEVER, comma. Thumbtack would not be experiencing the tremendous growth exhibited with out loyal participants. I am thoroughly disappointed with the ever changing, current business practices of tThumbtack to date. I am considering deleting my Thumbtack profile, and cuttin my losses. I definitely know that I have been treated unfairly, as I just looked up my snounthhyy. I have been hired 100 plus times and have over 50,,, 5 star reviews, however due to the.. ongoing changes in policy, mkkk
I feel like and steps in ladderof growth, price increases, and complicated bill info.


I got away from Thumbtack for 3 years and I am trying to come back to it but it looks like I have to go to college to get a Thumbtack degree in Science to understand how it works now, and all I read is bad reviews of unhappy profesionals. Sould I look somewhere else to place my eggs? Or should I trust this basket? 

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Hi, @Trytileinstalla and welcome to the Community! We have made some changes and I want to make sure we get all of your questions answered. Go ahead and send me a private message with any questions or concerns. 

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