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Re: More things that don't work

Show the customers budget. 💯
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Thumb is forcing pros into playing games with quotes in desperation!

Thumbtack is forcing pros into unprofessional tactics to try to survive! Look at this request that just came in. This guy is apparently pretty ticked off at all the lowball offers with hidden charges, from pros doing whatever they can, out of desperation, to compete on price, because they have to compete against a ridiculous amount of others!

If we were only bidding against a normal amount of others (2-5) pros wouldn't be jerking these people around! So, TT, isn't this evidence enough that people are willing to pay real world prices? Stop forcing pros to take desparate measures to survive!

In the real world I'd have bid about $2500 for this job without video. I don't do video, but that would be extra if I did (hence my not bidding on this). Please tell us how much the pros bid on his first request? What insane numbers did they quote on this. A cheap price would be $1600, but should NOT be any lower than that. What were the actual prices quoted for all 15 bids? I'd like to know the numbers to see what this guy is referring to. Did ANYONE bid anywhere near the proper price of this job? Did anyone even bid over $1000?

See? We pros can't properly serve the clients under these conditions. It's got to be fixed!


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Re: Thumb is forcing pros into playing games with quotes in desperation!

One of my customers told me she got three bids for the same project ranging from $900 to $12000. Seriously!

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Re: Thumb is forcing pros into playing games with quotes in desperation!

@DefiningImagery I want to be clear that Thumbtack is not forcing pros to do anything unprofessional nor lower their prices. Pros are free to choose any prices they see fit for a job and know what’s best for themselves, their business, and what’s within their means. Lowering prices is something that pros were doing long before we introduced more than 5 pros to each lead. It’s something that’s very much a part of the industry outside of Thumbtack as much as it is inside.

Customers are also free to choose pros based on their info and prices as they choose. While it’s unfortunate that this customer wasn’t quite satisfied with the first set of pros that quoted, they were given a wide range of options and prices the second time around. Most of which were within the range that you’ve recommended here.

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Re: Thumb is forcing pros into playing games with quotes in desperation!

Unfortunately, Kameron, many pros are getting desperate for jobs because when pit against 14 others instead of 3 or 4, competition for a job becomes more fierce. As I have said, numerous times in this forum, I have been forced to drop my prices ridiculously low this year. I had to cut my usual session in half, from $295 to $150 in order to get the job. This has resulted in a $9000 decrease in business for me this year, as a direct result. If you divide $9000 by the $150 price cut, it equals 60 sessions - which is spot on for the number of sessions booked.

Whenever competition is increased, it affects pricing. More pros / less jobs = price cuts to compete for the business

More jobs / less pros = pros get an opportunity to receive fair pay for their work.


Example one is a daily situation on TT, and getting worse for the pro. Example 2 has never existed on TT. The more TT increases the competition for jobs, the more pros desperately have to scratch and claw to feed themselves. TT doesn't seem to understand the desperate situation some pros are now in, due to this years changes. It was heartbreaking to read that a pro was so upset about $12 being taken from their bank account for something they shouldn't have had to pay for, because it was money they needed for food! That's how hand-to-mouth its become.

TT needs to take their short-sighted eyes off their own pockets and concentrate on filling the pros pockets. When pros are massively successful, it means that TT is making a ton of money, and has a farm of hundreds of thousands of loyal, happy, successful pros, singing their praises and making TT a household name for high calibre professionals. Pros would know that they were appreciated, not squeezed for every penny. Every pro would be proud to be associated with TT and wear their association with it as a badge of honour! People would clamour to the site, via word of mouth, delighted to find highly skilled professionals who are a joy to work with. TT is always looking in the wrong pockets. It's business 101 to always deliver more to your clients than you promise. TT still doesn't even recognize that WE PROS are it's clients - NOT the users who come to the site and ultimately become the PROS clients. When you treat YOUR clients (us pros!) like kings and queens, you'd have an unbreakable loyalty from pros who in turn treat their clients (TT's user base) like kings and queens - and everyone is thriving!!! That's the way to run a highly profitible, successful business with a sterling reputation that is the pride of a community.

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Re: Thumb is forcing pros into playing games with quotes in desperation!

@Kameron@ you are right, we don't have to cut our fees, at least I'm not doing that, I valued my job and I'm not going to get in a price war. BUT, @DefiningImagery  is right, you are NOT treating us as your real CLIENTS, you are treating us like an employee who has not says giving us the option "my way or the highway" or "if you don't like it, there is the door".  You take away from one of the most valuable tools to Identify the good clients.  BUDGET.  Your reason to that was very disrespectful to us, saying that we use it to rip off the clients...

let me ask you why we need to put budgets for you, and you don't let us get budgets from TT users?

Luckily you are not the only site of leads anymore... YOUR BAD CALLS, BAD MOVES, your STUBBORNNESS  has made them grow so much lately, as I mention to my Pro-Assistant, I'm getting the same lead on both sites..... A) Charge $20/$25 and give me the phone number B) charge me $62 and it's cutting my tools and giving me a hard time to work with...... 

How long do you think it will take to everyone find out and switch?  I'll hate to do that, I've been here for almost 5 years, and it was very successful until you decided to change your logo and all the stupid decision after that.

These are not just words, are FACTS you can easily check on my profile. the hire rate/money spend Right now seIm paying double for less hires...

Get this thru your head, WE ARE THE CLIENTS,  users are just USERS!

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Moderator Kameron

Re: Thumb is forcing pros into playing games with quotes in desperation!

@CappellaPhoto, I first want to thank you for taking the time to share your concerns. There have been a lot of changes in the last year and change isn't always easy. I can assure you that we don't make these changes lightly and that extensive research goes into everything we do, all with the benefit of both of our customers (customers, and pros) in mind. We wholeheartedly realize and understand that pros are our customers and how much they matter. That is the entire reason why this Pro Community was created, to hear your thoughts, pain points, successes, and anything else you'd like to share. We're listening and each piece of feedback is deliberately shared with our teams. Many changes and updates have been made based on feedback from this forum in the short time that it's existed. As stated in the budget thread we heard pros frustrations with the removal of the customer budget and are working to correct it. In no way did we say or think that pros use it to "rip off" their clients. I'm sorry to hear that your experience hasn't been as successful as you had hoped it would be after these changes. Feel free to send me a direct message and I'd be happy to look into your account with you and we can work on ways to possibly increase your success. 

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Wrong Direction for Thumbtack

Your service is moving closer and closer to services like Angies list and HomeAdvisor, now the same company. Pay a lot more for leads, PAY TO PLAY meaning pay a lot more to get seen. I have researched MANY of your competitors over the years and have only chosen Thumbtact as a fair and trustworthy company. You are moving away from what small companies can or will pay. I hope you expect someone to start and move back towards where you started. I have never heard any advertising in the Denver market for your service either. Be careful of how you move foward.

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# of Pros competing per job.

I've been on Thumbtack for a couple years.  In the beguining I was competing against 3-5 Pros. A few months ago I Stopped using Thumbtack because I saw I was competing against 12 Pros! Can anyone tell me what the Truth is now?

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Re: Let's talk about our pricing

Like the others it seems like a nice solution for marketing to a live lead for a reasonable price went down hill.  I like the old Thumbtack, it doesn't work for me any more.  Too expensive and unknown on what it will cost for possible business.  The old Thumbtack early on was perfect though it cost some labor time to monitor/manage.  Sometimes change does not work but maybe overall it works for Thumbtack corporate, just not for some pros like me.


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