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No leads with promote on

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I've had promote on for awhile now and have not gotten one lead.   I do see jobs in the jobs tab but thats it.

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Re: No leads with promote on

@cgema My Inbox, although quiet ususally has been really quiet as of late even though I am generally ranked 1-3 in my area and categories. 

I wonder if TT can give any insight if they are seeing a drop off of people visiting the site overall on the consumer side? Maybe end-of-summer is having an impact?


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Re: No leads with promote on

@cgema first I just want to make sure we're on the same page, you may have seen a new change in terminology HERE. You’ll start to notice that instead of “promoting your business”, you set your “targeting preferences”.

I'm seeing that you currently only have targeting preferences set for Headshot Photography and not any of the other 4 services that you offer. Setting targeting preferences for the rest of your services will likely help you see an increase in your overall leads.

Do you recall about how long you've had your targeting preferences in place for headshots? 
When I view your Insights page I do see a steady increase in the number of views you've gotten for headshots as opposed to the other services.

Currently, I'm seeing you around 11th spot on the list for headshots. You're response time and rate are already in good standing so the next best way to improve your rank would be to build on your number of reviews. The best way to do that would be to target preferences for your other photography services, which should increase your leads, hires, and reviews. Granted this all won't happen overnight, but with the great quality of your photos, I'm sure that if you do those things and stay persistent you'll begin to notice a difference over time.

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Re: No leads with promote on

I guess I'm confused as I have nothing to respond to.  I don't get any leads for headshots.  As in I haven't gotten one single lead since I've had promote on for the past 5 or so weeks.    I'm not interested in promoting anything else at this point.

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