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Not enough customers that require Electrical services

Im not getting any hits in San Diego county
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Re: Not enough customers that require Electrical services

@JDiaz I found that jobs are being created in your area. I wonder if things just may be appearing a bit differently than you're used to with Instant Match on some of your services. With Instant Match on Thumbtack is sending your information out automatically for you when a job is created that matches your preferences. When your information is sent out to customers the only time you’ll be notified is in your inbox when the customer chooses to respond. If your information is sent out and the customer doesn’t respond it won’t be a lead you’re notified of, this is to help you concentrate more on the ones that specifically reached out to you first. Some of your services don't have Instant Match on so you'll likely still see jobs being created to quote on in your Jobs page, but it will be less since you have some of them with it on.  

I hope this helps, if you have further questions about these things feel free to reach out to me in a direct message.

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