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I’m wondering why the heading at the top of opportunity page reads—‘These customers found other pros first’?? Why am I seen as a backup/plan B??? Great reviews and have completed countless jobs for Thumbtack.
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Re: Opportunities

@BT It's ultimately up to customers who they choose to contact directly from the search results. Pros should focus on direct leads first, and use opportunities as a way to try to get a few extra paying customers. If a customer reaches out to another pro but you may also be a great fit for their job, you may see their project in the Opportunites section. You can read more about Opportunities here:

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What is the point of the Opportunities tab?

Has anyone been hired by reaching out to a job posted on the Opportunites tab?

I do it every now and then and I haven't had any sort of response by any of the job posters.  What is the point of having access to these jobs?  I don't see any evidence that they are receiving my messages/bids. 

And related to that, why do I get email notifications saying "John Smith hasn't heard back from any pros..."  

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Re: What is the point of the Opportunities tab?


I haven't had any hires, let alone replies, when I send quotes/message via Job(now Opportunities) Tab. It's been months, I believe the last time someone replied to me via those tabs was back in February.

I also send requests via those tabs when there is a "flag" that says Best Chance, but still no replies. Makes me wonder if I'm just wasting my time sending those quotes/messages out.

DJ Stevie 11-13-2019

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Re: What is the point of the Opportunities tab?

@DJStevie @StoriesUpSTL I think the main reason for that is that the job poster isn't notified directly when Pros that they didn't pick submit a quote.  The only way they find that out is if they happen go into their job (via the app or web browser) and look at those Pros who've indicated that they're "interested."  And even then, I feel that term is misleading as well because it doesn't explicitly imply that an actual quote or message was submitted by those other Pros.  Since the platform changed, I haven't had any job poster reply to my correspondence via the "Opportunities" tab.



Re: Opportunities

It's the new changes. Its because they want you to actively target and pay, otherwise you drop out of ALL search results unless you're already a top pro. If you have targeting off and you're not a "Top Pro" you won't show up, hence Thumbtack trying to entice you to actively pay and target so you can get them too. Its a straight diss to us who have been loyal and active professionals.
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Why are opportunities showing up for jobs several hundred miles or more away?

Checking my account and I see numerous jobs showing under the opportunities tab. But when I review them out of roughly 20 all but 1 were for jobs at minimum 75 miles away and most were about 2 or more hours away. Why are these showing up for me? I'm worried I'm not being listed as a service provider in the correct markets.
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Re: Why are opportunities showing up for jobs several hundred miles or more away?

@sarahtindall jobs in the Opportunities tab are customers who have already reached out to another pro. We want other pros to have the opportunity at those jobs too so that's why there's the Opportunities tab - for other pros to quote on. With that being said, these jobs can be outside of your preferences and you can quote on them or pass as you see fit. If your Targeting preferences are set, we'll only show you in areas in which you told us you want leads from. 

Be sure to check out this Help Center article with more info on the Opportunities tab. 

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Opportunities Tab Time References

After reading all the posts on this topic I feel that my understanding of how this works ought to be better; alas, it is not. I have asked the Support Team these questions and requested a lnk that specifically answers these questions; nothing has materialized. Perhaps the answers are found here:

1) In the upper left of every opportunity is a time reference of one hour, 3 hours, 43 minutes, etc, When does the meter start running?

2) Are these time references indicators of the time the job poster posted the request?

3) Are these time references indicators of the time after the four hour period in which the Pros (who targetted or were reached out to) have been notified?

4) How are job posters notified of a Pro's response to an Opportunities post?

5) Are Pros ever notified when a job poster views our responses?

I have never ever seen an acknowledgement  to any responses given on this tab


Re: Opportunities Tab Time References

@ChefOfAllSeason we don't have links that directly answer these questions, however, I'm happy to give you further context! 

When a customer reaches out to a pro about a job, those jobs details go directly to other pros Opportunities tab. That's when that timestamp that you're referring to starts. 

When pros send a quote through the Opportunities tab, customers are able to see those messages as soon as the pros send them, they just won't receive a notification instantly. If the initial pro the customer reaches out to doesn't respond within 4 hours, the customer will then receive a notification reminding them that there are other professionals who want to work with them.

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