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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
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topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
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topic id 24883: Filtering out customers with certain budgets based on pro preferences
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All good points that should be thought out before these new and drastic changes happen. I’m with another platform that works the same as Thumbtack did when we were all successful. We see the leads come in and only pay when we respond to that lead. It works great. We get their contact information just like we would if we were paying for marketing lead. As it should be. Paying $37 for a promoted lead time and time again here on Thumbtack and getting No Response and No Contact information is not right and has seen my ROI drop dramatically since promote. A lot of my comments on the community board keep getting deleted which is not right either. We need to share thoughts and have the team know what works and what is not and be a community that shares.
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New Phone Leads

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I signed up to test the new phone leads where a customer can call you directly instead of messaging you throught the TT app. I have several pros and cons and wanted to get your feedback. 


- No matter the job size all phone leads are $32.63 (for a my residential cleaning business this leaves very little room for a ROI as most of our jobs are in the $100 range- so after paying employees and for materials the profit margin is minimal.) I have seen that the phone leads are people that need jobs immediately (within the next day or two) so they are usually just one time jobs. One time jobs range $5-$10 in my field which is reasonable. But now they are almost $33 with this new method. There has to be a better way to charge for the leads that is fitting to each job request. I understand we have a better chance of landing the job, but it has to make financial sense for both TT and the PRO right??

- In the TT app/website you can only see the phone number that has called you in your inbox. You can not mark them as hired and you can not ask them for a review. Big downside.

- 75% of my work has come from TT.  Prior to the phone leads, my leads have been very manageable and I could reference them when needed. With the phone leads you have no job discription, name of the client, etc Then only information you can see is the phone number... Can we have a box to leave notes to ourselves about who that lead is, what they were looking for etc.

PROS: I have landed 5 jobs out of 7 calls and the other 2 are hopeful. So it definietly works, but I want it to be profitable from my end as well. I'm all for paying to get the leads. Thumbtack has made a HUGE differnece for my business. 

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Re: New Phone Leads

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@mnmservices that's so awesome to hear that you've had such a great success rate with these leads, way to close the deal! We really appreciate you taking the time to write up and share your experience and feedback with us about it as well. I'll be making sure to share these with our teams as we look to make improvements.