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Pro location not showing in search results

I decided to do a search for my profile because a recent customer who hired me, said she couldn't find the city that I was from in her search for a DJ. She had to rely on Google Search and found me among a couple of other DJ's.

When I searched for a DJ, Thumbtack only allows me to enter a zip code, which then displays top DJ's in the area, which could be anywhere that a Pro lists in travel preferences. But what if a customer just wants to search for a DJ, say in my home city of Stuart, FL, others will show up in the search results.

Shouldn't the top DJ's in a particular zip code(Home city) show up first in the results? If there are 5 DJ's in my Home City, those 5 should up ahead of the others, instead of Thumbtack trying to sort them out by ranking if using Promote, reviews, etc..

DJ Stevie 5-14-2019


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Moderator Meckell

Re: Pro location not showing in search results

@DJStevie If a pro has an area set in their preferences and a customer does a search for that zip code, that pro will show up. If a pro is promoting, has a great profile and has set in their preferences willing to travel x distance, we don’t want to keep customers from being able to choose that pro just because they may be a further drive away. Of course, we appreciate the points you bring to the table and are happy to answer any further questions you may have about this. 

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Re: Pro location not showing in search results


Thanks for your reply.

Wouldn't it be wise for Thumbtack to at least have the Pro's Home City be listed? This way Job Posters can see who is local to them? As it stands now, no Pro has their Home City shown, which leads Job Posters to assume that all Pros in a zip code search are local. And it doesn't give Pros who are local with a great profile, the chance to rank high within their Home City. Something is wrong there. (Some Pros will not travel outside of their local zip codes)

DJ Stevie 5-14-2019