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Promote Issue

Please everyone let me know how expensive it is to be promoted On TT. I get promoted many times a week. Usually about 4-7 times for a pretty good chunk of change. Out of the 4-7 leads, only 1-2 customers (if I'm lucky) even give you a reply.  Its really hard to land a job when customer will not respond. Is it even a lead if you have no information to contact customer except through TT messages.

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Re: Promote Issue

We have promote turned off as there are to much low quality coming in and you are charged automatically.

You cannot call these even a lead ,a genuine lead has a phone number,an email address and an actual address.

We will not accept any lead any less it has a phone number as a mininum.

Thumbtack prices are exhoribant.

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Re: Promote Issue

I remember when it was $2 for every lead. Now its $9.50 for every lead. I have screenshot the differents from 2017 to now. Its OUTRAGEOUS I have been a pro since 2015. I only get 1-2 Serious customer. 


Re: Promote Issue

@RashawnC it's true that the cost has changed, but so has what you're actually paying for. Back when you were paying $2, it was likely to send a quote with no guarantee of any response. Now pros only pay if a customer responds or reaches out to you wich has shown overall to hold more value, hence the higher prices. If you have any other questions about this let me know. 

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Re: Promote Issue

@Kamerontrue, the cost is higher today... like 600% higher.. and while I understand that what we were paying for then is not what we are paying for today... One thing hasnt changed... the quality of the leads... There is still a very high percentage of leads that never generate a job for anybody.  All they generate is cash flow for TT.  It'd be great if we could see how many of the jobs that get posted, actually hire a pro.. That kind of information would be very valuable for the pro in determining the quality of the risk.  you see, back when my bids only cost $12 - $15, I was willing to take a higher risk.. today, with my quotes costing $75, I'm not so willing... More information would be helpful in helping us balance our risk.

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Re: Promote Issue

$9.50?? I've been getting charged $50-60 sometimes for mine! Absolute rip off! 


Re: Promote Issue

@Robinviele1 thanks for reaching out! It sounds like you started this thread mainly to hear from other pros, but I also wanted to see if there was any way that I could help.

Your profile and account are super strong! One thing I noticed is that you're in a pretty competitive market but your one of the strongest profiles and review counts in the search, so this will help you win in situations where you're competing with others in your area. The biggest thing I think that could help is working to lower your response time. Currently, it's showing an average of about 5 hours in the last 30 days. We see that customers are SO much more likely to respond to you within the first hour as opposed to after 2 hours. I know that your working and busy but I think working to lower that average time is a great place to start. 

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Re: Promote Issue

Hi Kameron,


Thanks for reaching out with your suggestions!

I am very appreciative for your advice. I mostly answer every request within an hour. The times I can't are for leads that are:

1) Out of my travel area, but was promoted anyways. I haved checked my preferences almost weekly to see if something went wrong.

I get promoted sometimes for out of state jobs that are 150 miles or more. I love to work but cant drive 3 hours for a 1 hour position! I have called the chat line to discuss this but for no resolution most times. These jobs I have to take the time to think if I can manage to make that particular job work in my schedule which takes time or try to fight to be reimbursed for a lead.

2) Job discription is for a dog trainer but it is asking for an animal behaviorist or job is mislabeled and owner needs a behaviorlist. You do not have options when people are searching for a trainer and the animal is very aggressive biting people that they can maybe search for a more skilled professional. My insurance only covers my skillset to include certain types of aggressive dogs. I know it would be very hard to differentiate this in the customer inquiries but would love to be able to be reimbured for leads outside my skillset if I was not able to fill the position for that customer. My main goal is to be able to fulfill and exceed customers needs making my business profitable and Thumbtack look good. Customers will come back time and time again if they find awesome professionals on Thumbtack making your business successful. 

I have  about 25% of my business from Thumbtack leads and I'm hoping the company learns and grows from professional feedback. Never mind paying for a lead! I am just saying its truely not a lead if you can't talk to the client. 


Re: Promote Issue

Oh Kameron is misleading.  You may get a response and then get gouged by TT and then never hear from the customer. 

Like I said, if TT wants to charge these higher prices for customers that don't use your services then TT should stand by its product and change it to either

- Flat fee paid per year for membership


- Take the fee AFTER you have booked the gig

TT new fee makes it NOT worth it anymore.

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Re: Promote Issue


Many know my views about Promote. Before I give my input as it will be a repeat of many of my posts and comments, my suggestion is to have you look at all of the threads, comments, replies, etc here in the Community Forum and make your own decision if it's going to work for you or not. The moderators do try to help you, best is for you to reach out to them with a private message.