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Promoting My Services

I am an accessories designer. I do custom work starting with design all the way through making the final product (I do it all).  Although I'm registered as a designer, Thumbtack will suggest related jobs to me such as "Al is looking for a leatherworker in Decatur." Leatherwork was not offered as an option when I initially indicated my services. How can I indicate the range of services I offer? I've noticed there is a first tier set of services and then there is a second tier set of services that Thumbtack will connect me with but I cannot choose for myself. 

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Moderator Meckell

Re: Promoting My Services

Thanks for reaching out @raysdesign. Leatherwork isn't a category we offer at this time, so that's interesting you got a request for that. Was the request for something else and the customer then indicated that they wanted leatherwork?

As far as adding other services; if they're offered on Thumbtack, you're able to add them to your profile. Just go to the services section of your profile and scroll all the way to the bottom, you'll see "add service" From there, type in the service you offer and if it's a category we have, it will pop up. If there's a service you offer that we don't have a category for on Thumbtack, let us know 
here. We love feedback! 

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