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Question for moderators or users

Here's my question...

How do leads appear in the Jobs tab?

Since TT seems to be moving towards (or have moved to) a simpler platform where it's simply on the customer to investigate/contact as few or as many pros as they desire, why do some appear in the Jobs tab?

Do these leads consist of prospects that contacted a Pro, and TT is supplementing their view with more Pros while simultaneously providing an opportunity to other pros that were not contacted?

In other words, what is happening for those leads to appear in that tab?

I hope this makes sense--I've been trying to find the right words to explain my question.

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Re: Question for moderators or users

Hi there @WerkFitnessSD! Another pro also had this question a few months ago. Be sure to check out that conversation here and of course, let me know if you have any additional questions. 

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Re: Question for moderators or users

Perfect, thank you!

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Re: Question for moderators or users

@Meckell That answer on the other topic was exactly what I needed, but I do have a couple followup questions about it:

1) You mentioned that upon 5 pros contacting the prospect, the Job listing would be removed (among other reasons). Is that including the originally contacted Pro? In other words, is it 1 (the pro the prospect contacted themselves) + 4, or is it just a total of 6 pros that can contact the lead?

2) Similarly, if a prospect contacts 5 (or 6, depending on the answer to Q1) pros from the rankings, would they NOT show up in the Jobs tab because they've already reached the maximum number of pros contacted? Or could they be contacted by an additional 5 pros from the Jobs tab?


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Re: Question for moderators or users

@WerkFitnessSD happy that answer helped you!
1) It does not include the other pro or pros that the customer already reached out to. We allow five pros to quote on the job just through the Jobs tab. 

2) The job will always appear in the Jobs tab no matter if the customer reached out to 1 pro or 5 before it going to the Jobs tab.


Please let me know if you have any other questions! 

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