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Quoting on Grooming Leads

Im a groomer and I get a lot of leads form ppl with “multi dog” households with different breeds of dogs. I can’t give accurate quotes to ppl with these households bc they are only able to put information about 1 of there pets.
I’m also confused about why pets “hair type “ would matter that really isn’t going to play a factor into grooking cost and customers aren’t knowledgeable on their pets hair type; something more useful like “breed type” would be more helpful when trying to quote.
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Re: Quoting on Grooming Leads

@Groomer81 thanks for sharing this, you make some really good points and I'll be passing along the idea to include breed type into the questions that we ask customers. As for the number of dogs, we do ask the customers in the questionnaire if they need grooming for additional dogs and how many. 

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Re: Quoting on Grooming Leads

Yeah, as a Groomer you would think huh. Would be helpful for Dog Trainers too. I am one. They do list my Dog Training Requests by the Pound though. Which is Funny. Because I don't Train them by the pound. Don't know anyone who does.

Some Breed information would be helpful though. They "used"to include it. At No Extra Charge Too. They must have realized that it might be useful. Perhaps even beneficial in crafting a Quote. Which obviously must be why they chose to omit it. We can't have something that would actually be helpful to our PiggyBank .....ah I mean Pros here. That would be unconcionable. What was I thinking???   

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