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Reminders? What coaching is given to the Job Posters?

Recently, I have been passing on all Opportunities and all Direct Leads when the description of the work is missing. And recently, there has been a sharp increase in the number of Leads and Opportunities like this. The Job Posters are doing little more than clicking menu buttons. They are not writing anything to describe the work.

It is as though they are not being encouraged by Thumbtack that it is highly probable that they will not get quotes from any Pros without a written description. Or, that if they do get a few quotes, they would more likely get more quotes to choose from if they write a description in their own words. And when they reach out to Pros to initiate a Direct Lead, they may not get any replies.

Is Thumbtack looking at the Requests where there is no description, and no Pros send a quote, and drawing the same conclusion that I would draw that there is a direct correlation between the cause and effect? No Description = No Quotes. Is Thumbtack sending the Job Posters any reminders that the Pros are far less likely to send a quote when there is no job description?

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Re: Reminders? What coaching is given to the Job Posters?

Any time I am advising a customer about posting jobs: I remind them that Pro's are hungry for work, but not clairevoyant, and to include as much detail as possible. 

I gave up asking TT-corporate to send this message to JP's when they are posting.  

Unfortunately, only so much can be done with a phone... It is a dumbing-down of the USA, and for Pro's who want to stand out from the Pack...this becomes a challenge, it is a game I have yet to master. JP's want simple fast answers to complex problems, without having to do any work on their part.

Pro's across categories have been begging for more detail on the leads. We all know TT's track record on this issue. I am reminded of a very old Monty Python comedy sketch about the Piranha Brothers. 

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Re: Reminders? What coaching is given to the Job Posters?

There are quite a few lead sources out there that consistently deliver low value, Vague, Off topic or questionable leads. That seems to be the nature of the game today and much a derivative of the type of consumer they market to. I am waiting for one of them to learn from the industry and rise above. To date that has not happened in a material way.
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Re: Reminders? What coaching is given to the Job Posters?

While I agree this is a frustrating situation, I have had some success in converting these "inadequate" requests and TT does have a couple ways to help Pros.  First, if it is not a direct lead, Pros don't get charged if we jump in and respond saying "Hey I'm interested in helping you".  Of course, if the customer responds to that then yes we are charged for the lead.  Second, TT allows Pros to create template responses for those "Hey I'm interested in helping you" messages.  I created one explaining that in order for me to provide a cost/time estimate, they need to send me clear & detailed photos, along with a detailed explanation of what they want done.  This has proven to be reasonably successful.  It is most successful when I am the first one to respond out of the Pros the customer directly contacted.  Being first is typically best because I can then engage the customer in a conversation, not just a price. Again, this may not work for everyone and perhaps there are improvements that TT could make on the customer end to improve the initial information they provide to Pros.

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