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Remodeling and Thumbtack License Requirements

I am Interior Designer and Remodeler for over 25 years, When I joined TT, I was quite surprised at how it was able to bring me new work especially whole house remodels.  When I joined I listed my services as Interior Designer, Home Remodeler, Kitchen and Bath Remodeler, and Custom Cabinetry. At the time I joined, the remodeling category did not require any contractor license requirements.  After TT added this requirement, I was unable to respond to many leads. I am not a contractor and  as an interior designer I am not required to have a state license like contractors. I only work with licensed and bonded contractors and sub-contractors for my projects.  I am sure many designers like myself work similarly. As very few contractors are also designers, I would like for TT to come up with a work around so customers can choose to either only hire a designer for remodel catagories that is a licensed contractor or hire a designer who is not a licensed contractor but does bring in licensed contractors on their projects. When a client meets with me I can explain that for their remodel project any work that requires permits, or a licensed professional, that I will handle those requirements properly. If they are not comfortable with this, they can choose to not hire me. As I tell all my potential  clients who think they need to hire both a designer AND a general contractor, that it is not necessarily the case. Many of my clients were thrilled to not have to hire a separate general contrator. If they hire me to handle the design and coordination of their remodel they can save the typical 20% markup a contractor charges to do the same thing I will be do for them anyway coordinating and overseeing their project and all its elements.

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Re: Remodeling and Thumbtack License Requirements

Thank you for taking the time to share this great feedback @Newmanmark. I'll be sure to send in this feedback to the appropriate teams. 

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