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Some suggestions for magician category

Within the magic community there is a huge spread of what you might pay to hire a magician for an event.  This varies between events.  Ultimately there are two categories of magicians.  Family/children and Corporate Magician.  There is some overlap, but the two are very different and come with completely different pricing structures.  

Family magic and children shows run about $70 at the low end, and about $300-400 at the high end.  These shows are designed for a specific audience.  

  • Corporate work is very specific.  The magicians who work corporate will charge anywhere from $500 for smaller companies and not during the holidays to $3000 or more.  The highest paid gig I have done for corporate was $4600 for 4 hours.  These rates come with the expertice that the companies hiring are expecting.
    • If there was a way to separate the two quotes, instead of just having a filter, actually put them in different categories, you could charge more from the corporate magicians and it would prevent the tragedy of having a corporate client hire a magician, then have it not live up to the expectations.  I have talked with many managers and VPs who have lameted hiring entertainment that was just awful or really didn't live up to the expectations.  With this, the price to quote could also be adjusted, for family magic and childrens parties understanding the average price is $250 vs the corporate event which the average price is $1300.  
  • does something really great for the customers.  When someone submits all the details for their event, they say you will probably not recieve quotes below ____.  Most customers pay between ____ and _____ .  Premium services can cost more than _______.  
    • This allows the customers to have an idea of what to expect.  Especially with the current budget of basic, standard, high-end, or premium.  There is no frame of reference for the customers when they select this budget.  They may want a high end event but only expect to pay $400.  This happened to me just the other day.  They had selected standard for a corporate event and budgeted $500 for the entire event, only about $100-$200 for the magician.
    • If you could present approximate ranges for those budgets that would help with customers who are doing initial research to have an idea of how to budget the event or what to expect, it also allows pros like us to be able to further qualify a customer to make sure they are in our target market.    Even doing something similar to and providing a range so they know if they want a high end or premium service how much that may cost.


On another note, I hate but they have really been pusing the magician market in Utah.  A few times I have check google adwords and Bark has outbid Thumbtack.  Just making you aware, they are reaching out directly to us trying to build a presence. 

  •   One last note, I travel nationwide.  I have a couple thumbtack profiles in different areas, if there was a way to open up to a nation wide search I'd love that.
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Re: Some suggestions for magician category

Thanks so much again for taking the time to share all of this with us @DanielSchaffer. This is very useful information that I'm sure our product team can use which is why I've forwarded your thoughts on for them to read and look into. It was also great meeting you and getting to see just how talented you are in person!

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Re: Some suggestions for magician category

Agree with what Daniel is saying....but, I wanted to ask Daniel: who in Utah is charging $70 for a magic show? People can open a profile on sites like Thumbtack, and call themselves a "pro" and charge a very low fee, and hurt the business of an actual professional...and, not only hurt the business of real professionals, but also hurt the image of what the service should provide (e.g. "...that was a crappy magician/show, I'm never hiring a magician again!")...It would be nice if Thumbtack could add "filters" when "pros" open accounts -something that qualifies them as actual professionals and not some kid who saw YouTube videos and thinks he is a "pro"...