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Suggestions on the "Let's talk about your profile" board

We saw a lot of awesome suggestions on the “Let’s talk about your profile” board that pertained more to settings and preferences. We loved reading through those, and to keep things organized, we moved all of those suggestions here. Thank you all for contribution and feedback, it’s always appreciated!

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

Can we have a choice for clients who are looking for Vegan/Vegetarian specifically and how do I be visible to them? It is frustrating to go through hundreds of requests to find 1 that might be a good fit.  It's such a waste of my time, wondering if THumbtack is even worth it.

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

This is not about my profile, but as I work by the hour, I would like you to bring back the option of quoting an hourly rate.  There is no way I can bid on a home improvement project by the job when I have not seen it first.  I need to be able to quote an hourly rate.  This option used to be available but was removed.  Please bring it back.  I have not received any new jobs in a long time because of this glitch.  Please help me out here, this is costing me business!  Thank you!

Re: Let's talk about your profile

All I want to see are people looking for aerial video/photography with a drone. No ground shots included. Thanks.

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

I would like to be able to select the following items on a profile by profile basis and even on a service by service basis.

Match me with jobs outside my preferences

Suggest jobs related to my service

Suggest jobs near my travel area 

Each business and each facet of each business is different. These three checkboxes are already a bit too general as it is. They don't allow you me to exclude specific types of requests. For example, I get a lot of requests for Spiritual Counseling in Shamanism. I don't do Shamanism, so what's the point in getting the requests? I would like to be able to block them for that one particular service that gets those requests without blocking the other items.
Also, there does not seem to be a history of the number of requests and quotes etc. once a week has passed. If I'm busy or away from my computer on Sunday, I might never get a chance to see those numbers, which I like to keep track of.
I appreciate that you want to keep the site simple, and you should keep it that way, but it's still possible to allow the experienced user of the site to have a way to "drill down" into more and more detail and control of the site without making the site complicated.
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Re: Let's talk about your profile


I have many ideas. First, there could be a more defined separation between potential fine art clients and commercial clients, perhaps as far as how my services are advertised on the site. You could subdivide the classification so that my speciality - fine art handling and fine art installation - is easier for clients to see and thus to choose to hire me.

Also, it would be really helpful if you didn't just give clients the range of selections to be installed when they post their requests ie. instead of 1-5, 10 -20, 20 - should be easy for them to specify a more exact number. I had one potential client contact me and instead of the 20 - 100 that their initial request stated, it turned out they only had 2, so since the reason that I sent them a quote was because it looked like a big job, I ended up paying once they responded ( I think ? ) but the job turned out to be not what was "advertised". I realize you cant always help that situation as it is up to the client to be straightforward in their request, but if they had a more specific range of numbers to choose from it would help them and us I think...

If I have any other insights I will share them as well. Thank you.

Nikolas Soren Goodich

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

I'd like there to be more filters applied to profile, so incoming requests are better matched to what providers offer. I rarely use Thumbtack primarily due to this reason. From experience with other client referral sites, I've found we can exchange a couple messages and I'll know right away if it's worth their time & my time pursuing and possibly setting up a meeting. The requests that initally are sent usually do not contain enough information from their profile or are not aligned with mine (basically outside the scope of what I consider deal breakers).

As it pertains to Pet Care specifically:

  1. Type of pets - if it's for anything other than a small dog, I'm not matched. Yet I get Large dog, Cat, etc. and sometimes no details about the size (i.e 0-20 lbs., 20-50, 50-100, 100+)
  2. Length of time - this really needs to require dates. A "Flexible" check box coud still exist, but really some approximation is needed (i.e. I received one request that listed "More than one month" with no details as to when. 
  3. When - this really needs to require dates. Some approximation is needed. (as with the same eample above, I received one request that listed "I'm flexible" with no details as to when.  For another there was "Frequency" field answered with Recurring - multiple times a week with no details as to when. )
  4. Where - this needs to be more specific, providing details of major nearby intersections or a neighborhood cmmunity name. (i.e. Requests that only provide a city name doesn't work when some cities are huge.)
  5. Keep the Message field. When people enter information in the message field, it greatly increases the possibility that we'll communicate and explore if it's a match. (There are far too few filtering criteria elsewhere.)
  6. Add Deal Breakers - could be Yes/No check boxes, such as: Spayed or Neutered? Vaccinated? Fecal tested? Flea preventative? Friendly with other pets/dogs? Energy level (low, medium, high)? Walks on leash to eliminate output ?

It seems these changes could be implemented by  adding more content areas to filter either client profiles or provider profiles.

Re: Let's talk about your profile

I would like thumbtack to generate some leads for us here in ABQ.

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

We need to have a way to weed out leads based on their budget. I do different types of photography and each of those has a different minimum price point. For instance, having a $150-$250 budget for a professional headshot is resonable but for a family portrait session it is not. 

You also need to set a realistic budget for any true professional. Under $250 is simply not an acceptible budget for a wedding photographer. It devalues our work and is a reason a lot of seasoned professionals will not even use Thumbtack. 

Also, I'd like to be able to list zip codes rather than a circular mileage based service area. I live near a large river that has no bridge nearby. In order to get leads in the area I work I also have to get leads from the other side of that body of water, where I do not not travel to. 

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

We own a very specific, niche business in special events and often pitch to users who are looking for broad entertainment options, or things we can't provide (copyrighted characters at their parties, etc) and we lay out their alternative options. I have spent more money than I would like to on Thumbtack, for users to simply reply back to me to say "maybe!" and to compliment our work, or string us along and then ditch when contract time comes. This, obviously, doesn't work for us, and I have essentially stopped sending quotes because of this. However, as I continue to look at leads I see there IS potential business for us, but the thumbtack model does not allow me to safely contact these people without charges flying out of my pocket without any discretion from myself or even Thumbtack. Too much of the fee control lies on the (potential) client side, and this is before they've even discovered my company's profile.

I want/need our profile to be more organically searchable, and qualifications of our business to be more highly visible to people who want things within our general category. Then, if they reach out to us, the inquiry should be solid before we are charged. Otherwise, this service is not a service. It is a money grab from small, indie businesses.