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Re: Quote Templates Software Ideas

Price Quotes for music teachers.

Why do you let the student make a request for 30min? 45min? or 60 min?    But then you only allow the teacher to quote per hour.  I think this is confusing to the student because none of us teach an hour at a time to private students.

I don't know how to address the price quote so I use a generic per hour for a beginning student and give them a detailed price sheet with the ages levels and lesson lengths.  There is not a see PDF for details link until the bottom of the quote.

Most of us really don't teach by the hour.  In fact, nobody does.   We teach by the month or every 4 lessons or by the semester or every 12 weeks or something like that.   There may also be registration fees.  Students are expected to pay up front for a reserved time, not after the fact.

Additionally, some people need to charge for the travel time in addition to the lesson fee.  Even in large cities time and distance matters. You could blow your whole evening off on one lesson time.

How about a button that says free introductory lesson if it is offered.

I don't even know what to call teaching a one-off or solitary lesson unless you teach a seminar for a day or several hours.

Suzuki Violin Teacher
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Re: Quote Templates Software Ideas

I have the same issue with pet sitting/dog walking. Most people want 15-30 minutes, but thumbtack puts in 60 minutes. If thumbtack would only listen to the pros........Just saying...............

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Profiles that include 2 locations

Hi there. I frequently travel between SF & NY, and I’d LOVE if your product enabled me to get requests and send bids for both locations. This would also generate opportunities for people I hire in both locations. End result, more TT pros out there providing great service.
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Re: Profiles that include 2 locations

Hey there @Miseenplacesf, we have an option for this . You have the option to set up a second profile. This would make it so everything is located under the same account, but you can have a profile specifically for SF and specifically for NY. Check out this Help Center article to get the details:

Re: Profiles that include 2 locations

Hi @Jordan but if I do this, my reviews won’t show on both accounts, correct? For example, my current profile is in SF. If I created a 2nd profile under the same account, my reviews wouldn’t map over, would they?
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Re: Profiles that include 2 locations

Correct, it would be an entirely new profile, so I get wanting to have the reviews show up. Hmmm another work around would be a few days before heading to SF/NY,  to change the zip code / location on your current account. It isn't a perfect solution, but could definitely work. It would just take at a day for the new zip code to kick in.


Love the initial feedback, in fact I think it'd be great to add to this thread about profile, but hopefully one of these can help right now. 

Re: Let's talk about your profile

I don't like the instant match because I don't know how much I'm spending as I go I would love to go back to the old system so I can send a personal message along with my quote that way I used to get hired a lot more using the old system this instant Max does not work for me I've been with thumbtacks a long time now and I really do like thumbtack I would just like to go back to the old system of buying credits and that way I can send a personal message along with my quote explaining to the people what they get for their price people seem to like to know what they're getting for the money
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May we please see the number of total hires in our Insight Report?

What percentage of requests actually hires a Pro?

There has been a great deal of discussion about the number of requests that we are seeing. My Insight Report tells me that the total number of requests for the past 90 days is 95. and the number of Pros is 45. While I have had Instant match Turned off for part of the period, I am currious about the total number of hires of all Pros for that same period. Out of the 95 requests, if we learn that a significant percentage of those requests never hire any Pro, then something is really really broken. It would mean that the sum total of all profiles, both good and bad profiles do not persuade customers to commit to the Instant Match or the custom quotes that we work so hard to present to the requests. When the customers are not inclined to hire, then there is something far deeper wrong with the entire business model than just poor profiles.

And yet, Thumbtack seems to present the answer to getting hired as being one of "Improve Your Profile."

Having the biggest pole and the best bait will never get a fish out of a dry lake.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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Re: The customers looking for service

 I would suggest a brief description with each box on the form of what is expected and imply a commitment of some kind. 

Off the top of my head:

Date of service needed:   Make sure the date is secure, this will be the date used to book services and agreed upon by you and the service provider. 

Hours of service needed: Most services are broken down into 2, 4, 6 and 8 (considered a full day) hours. When considering your request, please indicate the time needed. An all day event such as a wedding is considered 8 hours. 

The amount you will pay: Be prepared to spend at least $100 or more per hour depending on the experience of the professional you are wanting to hire. 

If you are not sure about needing these services, then think it over and wait before posting for them. We understand a lot of people get excited and are wanting to plan ahead, but you are making a commitment to hiring someone when you post the job you are needing. 

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Re: Your best profile ideas

I agree, I say thumbtack should put a checkbox in the quote request for people price shopping with no intent of making a decision yet. We should not pay forsending those type of quotes . I can't begin to tell you how many times I have had requests that reply by saying." I will get back to you when I (or the comittee) find the best price", and they seldom do. Or "I am not ready for the service I just wanted to get an idea of what it would cost".

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