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Re: Let's talk about your profile

Please include the opportunity to show multiple options in pricing to our potential clients as only showing them one price is a race to the bottom and kills everyone. 

Please also let US choose what goes in as extras, not three pre-chosen options (that are all $0 for me anyway as they are included in my base price)

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

I think Thumbtack is an excellent service both of homeowners and contractors needs more before the days of electronics a contractor will get his work Word of Mouth or small local advertising Thumbtack seems to be doing the same thing you are growing because of Word of Mouth not so much advertising as Home Depot I think if you targeted some select areas with some commercials on the same idea as HomeAdvisor you guys would take off like a rocket and it would be a million more people requesting services not sure if you advertise already on television but I would select some major cities for advertising either way I think you guys are going to get bigger and better good luck Jonathan
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