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I have just recently found out about the community feature and I'm actually glad it exists and that most people share similar problems using this platform.

Clearly, we all like using it enough to express our opinions and suggestions about improvements so it can be even better. But gosh, can it be frustrating to be charged for leads that take you nowhere. At this point, the ROI on Facebook marketing is much higher than TT now. I feel like I'm reaching more customers and only getting those who are truly interested.

I like the concept of TT because now you're being connected to potential customers who should have a higher level of interest in your services since they're actually looking for it.

I know the goal is to probably make it as easy as possible for them to send a service request but clearly that's costing us a lot of money. I wish TT would understand how most people are just shopping are and that for that one lead, we don't all feel robbed.

I provide transportation services, and there are many factors that will affect the price. Obviously, if you want a driver for 8 hours, for example, you know your base rate will be time rate. Another factor will be how far they're going. But you'll be surprised how little info the customers provide. It'll something like this "pick up location: N/A. Drop off location: N/A". So as a service provider I find myself literally gambling every time I want to talk to a potential customer. Sometimes you'd see a customer who only picked you, so you'd assume they read your profile and have a good understanding of how your services work, right? Wrong. In fact, most of those customers don't even respond. I think every customer should be required to provide basic info and additional info pertaining to their job so we know what they're thinking and what the plan is before we accept the lead.

If they pick pros, and their prices are already showing, have them at least read the pro's profile before they "add" to the list of pros they want to potentially hire. Or at least allow us to provide a written message that will display important info about our prices and services. For example, I would put something about what's included in my rate that is automatically shown to them, and what factors might affect the final rate. Then have them confirm they wanna add or not add the select pro.

My concern is quality, not quantity. I'd rather have 2 leads a week that result in a hire than 20 leads a week with 1 or zero hire. Because then I'm just spending more money than I'm making and really, in the end, only TT is winning.

I believe the customer should have more skin in the game, whether that's in how much time it takes them to provide more info about their job, Or some kinda fee they pay in order to contact pros because this will show they're actually looking to hire.

I mean, the prices are already there when they want to contact us, and we're already telling them we're available, I don't think 5+ people need to pay for someone who isn't sure if they actually want to hire anyone. I have had a few "thanks for the follow-up but we actually decided we wanted to drive ourselves." oh really?

I have noticed that many leads in my category do not get any response, and now I can see why. I make it a point to respond to just about any lead that picks me in a timely and professional manner.

I think a monthly fee would address most of these concerns. Obviously this will vary depending on the category but knowing this is how much I'm paying a month or a year, nothing more, and knowing that I can respond to as many leads as possible without having to worry about whether or not I'm gonna end up spending more money on leads than money I'll make, would give me peace of mind.
This will actually help the customers because they'll have more pros willing to give them quotes and not have to find another platform or way to get someone to help them.

Again I'm in the transportation category and I think in my category or any other, we should be able to add factors that will affect the final price. For example, total estimated distance that will be traveled. Or have them enter their planned itinerary which will be something like pick up address, stop 1, stop 2 etc. The point is to have as much info about the job as possible (including their budget) which they already know so have them provide it to us so we can make an educated decision as to whether or not this lead will be good, with all the info in front of us.

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Welcome to the Community @Soul! We appreciate you taking the time to write out this feedback. I'll be sure that this gets passed along to the appropriate team.

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