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Sure, just let 'em request the same job over and over!!!

I'm checking my email and here's 4 TT notifications in a row... except it's not 4 individual new requests, it's two people with two duplicates each!!! So, just let 'em put in as many requests as they want and sneak it right by all the pros that don't happen to notice they paid twice! And notice the sneaky part where they just change the town!


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Re: Sure, just let 'em request the same job over and over!!!


It's happend to me, but not in awhile. When I receive notices like that, I disregard them. Personally, I know that Thumbtack doesn't see it as same customer. Besides the stupid new changes which majority of pros dislike, now this happens.

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Re: Sure, just let 'em request the same job over and over!!!


We are considering a new marketing strategy for our company.
If decided, we will implement without notice or regard to outcome. First, we are going to at least quadruple our fees but not disclose them to the customer or how they are calculated. Second, we will require a customer to maintain a bank, credit, or debit card to be maintained on file. Next we will require our customer to tell us how much they spend each week on services like those we are offering and some of our charges will be based on how many similar customers there are in the area. We will no longer quote the customer but instead charge based on communications contact. If we must contact them there will be additional fees incurred. We will place less emphasis on their actual requirements but charge them a fee that we only know how to calculate based on the value of the specific business they are interested in. We will not disclose this to them as they can find it on their financial institution's statements.
We feel this approach will help us provide better services to our customers and improve our overall profitability. We may even consider a merit badge system to reward our better customers. And lastly we will monitor their communications through a third party to ensure we are receiving all appropriate fees.
I would like advice from you and other business executives as to their opinions if this sounds like a good marketing strategy for our firm. Our goal is to be the best service available.
JA, do you think this will work well for us?
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Re: Sure, just let 'em request the same job over and over!!!


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Re: Sure, just let 'em request the same job over and over!!!

Just last week I noticed that, the same customer 3 different towns, I reported it to thumbtack but I dont think nothing was done, I caught it but I’m sure there are pros that don’t and end up paying 3 times for same customer.
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Re: Sure, just let 'em request the same job over and over!!!

@Carpet75 if you reported it, I can assure you it was looked into and the correct action was taken. I'm happy to double check though! Just send me a private message with the name of the customer and I'll dig into things. 

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