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Tax Advice Needs to be a Separate Category

I posted something on this before, but unfortunately it does not appear to have been addressed on any level.

Tax advice is not the same as tax preparation, and advice/ planningvery much should have its own category. While I realize many service providers have things they do that may fall under different umbrellas, to me this is a prime example of all requests not meeting the job description.

When a person's Thumbtack request says they need Individual Tax Preparation and my automated quote is $166 for a question that I can answer in 30 seconds, why should I be charged for that?

There needs to be a category for advice.  The inputs would have to be tweaked to provide better quotes (since most customers are not a fan of seeing hourly rates, and not knowing the time involved)

If Thumbtack needs some feedback from a Top Pro to make this work, I am ready! Otherwise, I believe it may be apropriate for me to submit refund requests for all of these charges based on the descriptions not matching the work involved.

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Re: Tax Advice Needs to be a Separate Category

Hello, @chrisechar thanks for sharing and expanding on this feedback. For clarification, what tweaks would you suggest along with this in place of the hourly rates?

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