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Re: Why we do not received from Thumbtack a client telephone number?

@WOfficiant, I'm sorry, right now I can't remember his name and I can't find the piece of paper I wrote it on. Today I had several sent quotes in my inbox that he had quoted on and some of those customers actually were quoted by 5 "officiants" who were showing uploaded licenses. One of them had 3 reviews with a 4 star average but he was the cheapest, although 4 of the 5 were cheaper than I was and only the one with 116 5 star reviews quoted the same price as mine. If I find his name, I'll message you.

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Emails and telephone numbers

How many of you agree with me when I say


””” For what we are paying for leads, Thumbtack should make it mandatory for people to include their personal email, and a cell phone number????”””

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Phone number, lead information,

Has anyone noticed that there are less and less "leads" that have a number available after submitting a quote?
They're are a useful tool in identifying legitimate leads while rooting out bad, less then ideal and bot generated leads that are bot answered to charge you.
Also, check your new user agreement, thumbtack now wants to check your calls and text....are they two related....I donno Smiley Wink
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Bad leads, no info and profit margins

Let's not bury this thought this time, ok ADMIN.Smiley Happy
Has anyone noticed less and less phone numbers being offered after a quote is sent?
admin claims they got less leads when a # is required. I think what they meant was ...less leads fishing for prices where thumbtack pulls a profit while the pro gets raked across the coals with 400% increase in lead costs. Real leads lower Thumbtack (Marcos) profit off of us. Because there are less leads to send a dozen pros to for contact and profit generation.

"legitimate" leads, people actually looking for work, are more likely to have a phone ready as opposed to those fishing...there's way more fisherman out there then real leads..this of course ,lowers profit margins, after all that's why Marco started the company right? More leads, increased # of pros sent to leads...leading to market saturations lowering the value of a pros work.
Phone numbers root out fake and bad about some transparency Thumbtack?
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Re: Bad leads, no info and profit margins

Hi there @Grat17, thanks for reaching out! Requiring a phone number is a hot topic and one we've talked quite a bit about on the Community. Go here to see my conversation with another pro who had some of the same concerns as yours. Let me know if you have any other questions! 

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Re: Bad leads, no info and profit margins

The # WAS common until you stopped requiring it.  The reason you stopped  requiring it was because it cut down on leads , you said so yourself.....however the leads it cut down were those fishing for free info not legitamite leads, therefore your profit margin.