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Using Thumbtack > Find more jobs

No leads in 5 months WHY

I haven't had any lead in over 5 months and when I get one I am unable to connect with the the lead
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Using Thumbtack > Find more jobs

Why are customers asking for an estimate when they see prices in my profile?

Just this week I have gotten three customers who asked for an estimate. I thought they would see the price that I have entered into my profile for the service being requested. Maybe they see my price and doubt it applies to them. What... Read more
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Using Thumbtack > Find more jobs

Provide PROs VERIFIED Lead Contact Information

Thumbtack needs to provide PROs with the leads email address and phone numbers. Thumbtack needs to VERIFY the leads contact info by sending email and/or text message for lead to respond BEFORE proceeding. Other sites do this ( Read more
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Using Thumbtack > Find more jobs

Get more of the leads you want

I am new to Thumbtack. I have been on the platform for three months. Does anyone have any tips on how to get more leads? 
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Using Thumbtack > Find more jobs

The numbers don't lie.....

I guess it should come as no surprise why business is so slow. 283 jobs in the last 3 months for 117 active pros.   Read more
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Using Thumbtack > Find more jobs

Minor Lead Annoyances

So, I am fairly new here, and have been running into a few annoyances, and it is mainly the potential clients that are kind of crappy, for lack of a better word.The first thing is being charged for someone trying to contact you and the... Read more
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Using Thumbtack > Find more jobs

Why we do not received from Thumbtack a client telephone number?

By not receiving from Thumbtack clients telephone numbers, it won't allow us to follow up with a text message. Today not too many people look for an email. They answer faster a text message!!! We loose business and Thumbtack also.  Onc... Read more
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