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topic id 25265: Pricing
topic id 24883: The purpose of promotion and set your budget in advance
topic id 22503: Leads
topic id 22064: Questionable leads
topic id 23308: Hefty charge for a dead-lead
topic id 14288: Declined "Leads" charged
topic id 18721: Old format
topic id 19454: Marketing Executive From Thumbtack Chooses Promoted Lead, Then Radio Silence
topic id 18206: New Model?
topic id 7183: I'm trying to remove a credit card remove ,from payments,system wont let me

This can be done over the phone or internet

There seems to be a real problem with customers understanding when to choose the "This can be done over the phone or internet" option for IT related tasks. Perhaps this is a problem with other industr...
by teal Level 4 07-23-2018
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How to find a competitor who is looking for your prices.

Our competition is out there, and looking for our prices/packages. When I see an unusual name, I do a search on the internet and FB to see if that person provides the same services that I provide. If ...
by AmbitGuy Level 5 07-20-2018
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A positive suggestion... Yes, really!

Not a whine.I do not want to pay for a "lead" that has no intention of booking anyone. One way I usually find out if a lead is serious, is to check the date AND TIME for the service to be delivered. I...
by revbrian Level 8 07-20-2018
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T has to add a leather repair/restoration category and the ability to indicate a high-end service.

I'm close to leaving Thumbtack as it's so frustrating being lumped into only upholstry and getting requests for cheap repairs for cheap leather furniture they'll never pay me to do. Never mind all the...
by AvalonFLS Level 1 07-20-2018
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No more than 5 quotes to a customer

I have shut of instant match for nearly all of my services.  First it doesn't give me a chance to share the features that my company can offer.  Secondly, then morning I responded to a request only to...
by RonG Level 5 07-20-2018
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Jobs in my Location

I have noticed in the past month that the job request in the Monmouth County, New Jersey area & Ocean County NJ has been less. Is there a reason why? Could it be the time of the year, being summer & c...
by 26_Bentley Level 4 07-19-2018
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Bad Idea

This "Similar Job types" is not a good idea.....I assemble and install fitness systems, playsets, storage buildings, pergolas, etc. etc. I am not a "handyman". I don't repair dsecks/patios. these ARE ...
by TravisAssembly Level 1 07-18-2018
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Aquarium service quote

TT should ask the customer what is the size of the aquarium they are looking to have maintenance or install.
by Rayaquascaping Level 1 07-13-2018
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Music Entertainment Genre Not Listed

My duo/band plays traditional Irish / Celtic music.  I don't see it listed and have to choose "folk" as the closest thing to it.  We're definitely NOT bluegrass!  Is there any way to change this or to...
by sweetmusic Level 5 07-03-2018
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Re: Welcome to the Thumbtack Community!

Hi. I'm new to this. I did book a job last week and got paid by check at end. Worked well. This week, on a bid customer wants to fill spot for one time cleaning because their employee went to jail. Th...
by Werx Level 1 07-03-2018
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