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topic id 33701: Fraudulent leads?
topic id 33199: IDEA- Integrity & Balance by Customers & Pros
topic id 32384: Private Chef/Catering Pricing
topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
topic id 25265: Pricing
topic id 24883: The purpose of promotion and set your budget in advance
topic id 22503: Leads
topic id 22064: Questionable leads
topic id 14288: Declined "Leads" charged


Has anyone noticed we have not gotten any leads in the last 72 hours for catering in the Orange County area in CaliforniaI've been with Thumbtack almost 10 years I've never seen this before.I've been ...
by MUM Level 5 08-28-2019
0 8

No leads with promote on

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I've had promote on for awhile now and have not gotten one lead.   I do see jobs in the jobs tab but thats it.
by cgema Level 7 08-27-2019
0 3

Distance customer chooses

I get "chosen" by people on a regular basis who then tell me, "oh, that is too far." Or they wonder why I was shown to them when I am farther than they are willing to go.The people put in willing to g...
by LauraM Level 5 08-26-2019
1 3

Way to create your own acceptable distance for customers?

Does anyone know if there's a way to filter out leads that are outside of an acceptable distance from the business? Recently, a large portion of my budget for leads has been eaten away at by prospecti...
by CordellMusicLLC Level 5 08-26-2019
3 12

Views on Thumbtack

Hello,I am wondering if any pros in the area of Nutritionist or Health and Wellness Coaching has seen a significant drop in the number of customers? I have been keeping track of number of Views per we...
by tfitzpatrick914 Level 6 08-19-2019
1 27

How does Thumbtack determine the job location when a customer is searching for a Pro?

When customers do an initial search for a Pro, where does Thumbtack get the zip code? (No, they do not ask the customer.) I have tried it. Even when I clear the Zip code, and then open TT without logg...
by HansenJC Level 10 08-19-2019
4 7

Not coming up in a test search of my own zip code:

hello: I am not coming up in a test search, of my own zip code, in the first 30 Thumbtack Pros for picture hanging. It kind of feels like I have been singled out, and am being punished for speaking up...
by ReeseTee Level 8 08-19-2019
3 13

Suggestion - Teach The Program To Target The Right Pros

I hope that the word "Target" is not a reserved word in the program. Isn't it time that the TT Program should learn how to Target the Pros who actually can add their license? You know I can't when I t...
by HansenJC Level 10 08-17-2019
2 3

How do we targeting prospects nationwide?

If a Pro wants to go nationwide and/or can serve customer remotely located anywhere (e.g. if we are a business consultant), how do they adjust their travel preferences to receive leads from all over t...
by JMAGIC Level 4 08-14-2019
0 1

New Category Suggestion: Corporate Team Building Event Facilitator

I would like to be able to get leads for Team Building Events and Programs.Is this a category that TT can add?P.S.  I create and custom design teamwork training programs for businesses that may improv...
by JMAGIC Level 4 08-14-2019
0 2


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