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dog walking pros

it has been a long time since i have got any leads for my services is there any dog pros in the east bay california ?

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Re: dog walking pros

@Pencil001 I took a look through your account to see what tips I could give, and here's what I've found. First is that your prices are not yet finalized for customers to see when looking at you through Search Results. To check the prices you offer and make them live just log in and visit this page, and then when you're done be sure to hit "post prices". 

Your profile is awesome, with some great pictures to bring customers in. Next, I would recommend working towards getting more reviews. These are the biggest determining factor for customers when they are choosing to reach out to and hire. The good news is you can have up to 10 reviews from customers outside of Thumbtack by sharing your public review link with them! 

Last is to see if there's anywhere in your preferences or travel area that could possibly be expanded.

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Re: dog walking pros

ok made my prices live but they do vary depending 

on length of walk.