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"This Pro may not be a good match for the job"

This appears on alot of Pro's profiles who do not Promote. That's just plain awful. No matter the project or who the customer is, this defamatory blurb appears. How can Thumbtack claim to "work in patnership"with the Pro when it blatantly tells customers he/she is undesireable? 


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Re: "This Pro may not be a good match for the job"

Hi @ChefOfAllSeason. Customers will see this if the pros preferences do not match the customer's job details. So, if the pro doesn't have their targeting preferences set, we don't know what jobs they can always do.

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Re: "This Pro may not be a good match for the job"

@Meckell : The profile exists to show what jobs a Professional can do. If we post one up and Thumbtack says it is "superstrong", then it is a contradiction to insist that the Pro is unqualified. The preferences available do not tell the whole story of qualification to get any job done.

Let's be honest here. Isn't this just another way of Thumbtack pushing the Promote feature at us? 

Is Thumbtack telling the world that anyone who does not Promote, Target, Set Preferences (we know they are all the same thing; no need for euphemisms) is a poor choice?

I do not use Promote for my Personal Chef or Catering services. Are you saying I am a poor choice because Thumbtack's preference setting system is not compatible with my business model?

How about an answer?

We are in partnership, afterall.