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Re: zero business 2019

I had a total of ONE lead for the entire month of June. This was via Promote. There were only two Pros contacted. I responded and up until now the other Pro hasn't responded. I sent a follow-up and and am still being ghosted. This is really frustrating. Barely receive any leads to begin with (one a month) and they ALL have pretty much ghosted me. Still no hires at all with TT in 2019. 🤔
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Re: zero business 2019

@RCPS @BeDeCluttered @Barisgraphics 

I hear ya!! I had ZERO for June!!! Previous months I had a handful of so called leads..but those were from the "what's your availability, or schedule a call". After I reply, then I got ghosted, which is typical! Those aren't quality leads, just "click happy" job posters. Last year numbers were  much better with the old system, and I was able to sift through and find the quality leads for me, as I'm sure we all did. Now it's sit back, pray and wait. If we send quotes via Jobs Tab, we don't know if our quotes and messages are read, and the cost of the "leads" seem to have increased again.

Recently, I spoke with a rep who said my category is very competitive, but refused to understand that it was the same last year and I was getting bookings.

I turned Promote off again, and will not turn it back on until major changes are made to help the Pros, who are Thumbtack's paying customers! I did have a handful of hires for 2019, but it's down at least 80% from last year. I see more customers on other platforms for some reason.

DJ Stevie 7-3-2019

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Re: zero business 2019

Your experience mirrors my own BeDeCluttered.

I never made the numbers you did (different line of business) and over the last year a good month for me now is on average 3-4 leads. The vast majority of leads I receive are 'When are you available' leads who never respond to my replies or don't even bother to read them.


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Re: zero business 2019

Do you wind up paying for the "are you available" or time questions? I think leads should start c
Paying thumbtacks prices. Then when you are hired they get a refund and the pro pays. Wouldn't that be fair! Lol

Re: zero business 2019

Yes we pay for these what time available leads. I’ve found that 99% of these never respond. Even when I don’t quote a time and ask them to call for more info. Seems fishy to me.
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Re: zero business 2019

Do you think they are fake leads? Just to make money off the pro
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Re: zero business 2019

6.24.2019 Thumtack Insights.png

@Jj2117Do these number add up to you?

Full Time Freelance Graphic Design.
On time and on budget!
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Re: zero business 2019

@Jj2117 inauthentic leads are something we take very seriously. If any pros are encountering anything suspicious, we want to know about it! You can follow these steps here to report those situations and we'll be sure to look into it. 

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Re: zero business 2019

We shouldn't have to pay for a formulaic "when are you available?" nor any other sort of drop-down menu selection contact (although I have had NO contact at all in recent months -- see previous post). We shouldn't pay a fee until there is actual legitimate contact. Or at least we should be provided with the custmer's contact info so we can follow up. They don't respond to messages within Thumbtack.  

Competing lead services only charge when you actually get accepted for a job. Not saying that Thumbtack should necessarily go that far, but we should have real contact before being charged. 


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Re: zero business 2019


I've suggested many things for 8+ months, and one of those was for us not to get charged for those so-called conversation starters, such as, "when are you available? All I get told is that your feedback has been passed on, but they can't give me any follow ups, except it's been passed on and being looked at.

DJ Stevie 7-2-2019