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So I posted asking if anyone else feels that thumbtack is generating fake leads to boost its profits and it has been deleted. This is a forum for pros but thumbtack will not allow us to question it?
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Re: Censorship

@Josephlisky there are Community Guidelines in place to help keep conversations working towards solutions. We want you all to post your thoughts, feelings, and suggestions, however, we just ask that it stays constructive. If a post violates these guidelines then it will be up for editing or removal. I've sent you a direct message with more clarification on the post being removed as well. 

As for creating false leads, this definitely isn't something that Thumbtack does. I'll also mention that there are systems in place for preventing certain requests. If you do ever see a questionable request you can report it here:

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Re: Censorship

I don’t believe I was ranting but rather inquiring as to what other pros think, and maybe if enough agree then thumbtack will investigate this issue. Judging my the hundred of complaints to the better business bureau and the over 400 one star reviews regarding this issue i feel it warrants a conversation on thumbtacks platform. 

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Re: Censorship

I think the problem here is the phrasing "thumbtack is generating...". 

Are there fake leads on Thumbtack?  Yes.

Did a Thumbtack employee create that fake lead?  I have no idea.  How could anyone prove this? 

There is a huge amount of distrust with business owners and lead generation sites.  I myself just stopped using after spending over $1400 with them.  I got wise before I spent any more and reached out to my credit card company about getting a refund.  I'm getting $420 back because can't prove that the leads are any good or even real for that matter.

There are things that Thumbtack could do to gain the trust of the pros when it comes to the quality of the leads.

- Require Facebook or LInkedIn verification (helps give the perception that it's a real person).

- Require a phone number.  If the phone number is wrong or doesn't work, no charge for the contact.

- Give a percentage of the charge back if that customer doesn't hire for that job on Thumbtack.

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Re: Censorship

@Josephlisky  I've personally experienced a few leads that I found to be fake.  After doing a little investigating, it was clearly not from Thumbtack.  As soon as you find anything that looks faulty or isn't fitting the criteria of your services, contact Thumbtack ASAP to report it.  Every time I've had this issue, I've been able to get the money I spent on that lead back.

Thumbtack is an ever-evolving program that will always have it's quirks to work through.  They've gotten significantly better, but that doesn't mean one doesn't slip through every now and then.  Just be vigilante to call it out.  Even if you question it, still take the time to call and they can confirm if it's legitimate or not.

I hope that helps.


Patrick Skinner
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Re: Censorship

When 400 views in a month only develop into 7 leads, then you know that most of the views are tire kickers. The ratio of views to clients is absurd
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Re: Censorship

@AutumnElectric wrote:
When 400 views in a month only develop into 7 leads, then you know that most of the views are tire kickers. The ratio of views to clients is absurd

I just checked my insights over the past month - 6775 views, 24 leads. For this week: 950 views, 2 leads. And the large majority of those leads vanish after the first contact.

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Admin Deleted Post

If we as pros can not have a conversation here, why even have a forum.

If I as a pro express some sentiment and others may feel the same, why delete my post. Why not permit the conversation because maybe we can all learn something.

Why is my freedom to express myself being denied here?


Re: Admin Deleted Post

I've had post deleted myself I found that it's all about how you word them . If you got something to gripe about put it on here but offer a solution to whatever it is you're having issues with and they shouldn't delete it that was their reasoning behind deleting mine anyway. So when I rewrote the post with a little different wording and what I thought was a good solution to fix the problem it did not get deleted. See customer chose you and solution post on here and that was one I'm talking about
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Re: Admin Deleted Post

Thank You 

ANd yes in my post i did offer a " Solution " but they just do not want Pros to grumble to other Pros it seems .