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Thumbtack Pro and Employee DustiO
Thumbtack Pro and Employee

Have you used Thumbtack as a customer?

Question for my fellow pros - have you used Thumbtack as a customer? I firmly believe that one of the best things we can do as business owners on Thumbtack, is to use it as customers. It is important to understand the customer journey on Thumbtack, so that we can fully grasp what we as professionals can do to stand out.

I've used Thumbtack to hire: A web-developer to build my website, a plumber to remove a treebranch from a main line, a massage therapist to help me RELAX, a travel agent to get me and my kids to the beach, a carpet cleaner to make my bathroom tile look like NEW, a caterer for a big event (made the best food I have EVER had), a hair stylist to get rid of these awful gray hairs, and much more.

I have also submitted requests where I never got any quotes, had a few experiences with less than stellar customer service, and I've seen a wide range of prices and credentials across the board. From that I have learned how important it is to set myself apart from the get go, to help potential customers understand MY value up front, and to provide the best possible experience for my customers.

What have you used Thumbtack for? What insights did you gain as a customer, that you have taken to improve your experience as a pro?

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Re: Have you used Thumbtack as a customer?

I started with TT as a customer and still post projects today, mostly things I don't have skills for, like appliance repair or plumbing (I am still hoping one of the fireplace cleaning services would quote me ;-). 

It's a great learning experience. Besides just meeting another Pro, learning about how they price services, what platform features they're using (or not) to win business, how they craft quote back to customer to minimize window shopping, and how to influence what people say in reviews.

It's also a great networking opportunity - for example, recent appliance repair person said they always get handyman requests once they're onsite, so they left with a few of my business cards for referrals.



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Re: Have you used Thumbtack as a customer?

Thanks for sharing @TheLast10SF!

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Thumbtack Pro and Employee DustiO
Thumbtack Pro and Employee

Re: Have you used Thumbtack as a customer?

@TheLast10SF Thank you so much for this comment. I could not agree more!

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Re: Have you used Thumbtack as a customer?

I have tried to use Thumbtack 2 times as a customer. 

1st time was for roofing replacement was very specific on what i wanted got five quotes from companies that did not bother to read what i put down so never responded to any.

2nd time was when a spring broke on my garge door got severalyfast replies checked reviews and hired someone that looked good,

ended up spending twice what was quoted however there was a lot more wrong with the door than just a broken spring.

My point is and why instant match at least in the appliance business is a complete joke EVREY! job is different 1 size does not fit all

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