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Is there a 'Blacklist' for pros who complain?

Last week I submitted a post concerning my competition who are charging $10, $15 for computer repair. I canot compete with those prices, and I feel no legitimate technician can.

I further submitted that i had traced at least one of the competitiors to a call center in Lima Peru. For a service like TT who advertise as a way to connect with LOCAL pros, this seemed disingenuous.

I had a moderator respond that he had looked at my TT account, and that in the end I should just keep doing what im doing because the customers will eventually come around, or some such canned nonsense. None of my issues were addressed in any way.

Now, this week i got a quote. One instant match for the entire week, and it came at the start of the week. Nothing at all, all week.

Nothing until 11:30pm last when i got a match. Mind you this was 2.5 hours after i close. Further, this person as looking for help with a hardware issue, and likely needed a local pro. I have no way of knowing, because the client who needed help so desparately she sent a quote at almost midnight on a Sunday never responded to me in any way.

So here i am again. after a week with only one quote, i get charged for one after hours, a few hours before TT bills our cards, and by a person who wouldnt ever respond at all. My bill this week literally doubled after i closed for the night on Sunday.

I just dont know what to think. Maybe i lost all my business to the guy charging $1 per repair. Im sure those repairs are legit, and im sure that $1 price isnt some sort of trick. /s

Or maybe I complained and have blacklisted in some way.


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Re: Is there a 'Blacklist' for pros who complain?


Any response to what Ive written above?

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Re: Is there a 'Blacklist' for pros who complain?

@jasongarrison if you come across anything that may be suspicious with either a pro or customer, please let us know. We'll always look into the situation and take the needed action. You can send me a private message at any time with the name of the person and any other info that may be helpful! 

I can assure you that your complaints don't have anything to do with your account activity, however, I want to make sure we get to a common ground on everything. I apologize that you feel that your issues weren't addressed. What questions or concerns do you regarding your account? I truly want to help in any way that I can and help you get connected with customers.

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Re: Is there a 'Blacklist' for pros who complain?

I would respond...but I feel there are ramifications...if that answers your question.