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Thumbtack Pro and Employee DustiO
Thumbtack Pro and Employee

Thumbtack Pro Meetup in Denver!

So great to meet some of our incredible pros here in this BEAUTIFUL city! Let me and @ontherockies know what you thought of today's meetup, and what you'd like to see at future meetups. 

If there is something you'd like to learn or something that you would like to teach/contribute to future meetups, this is great spot to put that as well!

See you all again soon I hope!


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Thumbtack Pro and Employee DustiO
Thumbtack Pro and Employee

Re: Thumbtack Pro Meetup in Denver!

@gkvideoguy@Kimv2003@EricAllenFilms@lesalvatore@ontherockies, what did you think of Sunday's meetup? What would you like to see for your next Denver meetup?

I know a few of you were talking about collaboration efforts too, I would love to hear more!

It was really great having an open, honest discussion with all of you. You had SO MANY GREAT IDEAS. Tell me what ideas you have for the future of the Denver Thumbtack pro community!