I'm not right!

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The you're right campaign has a limit...

I am getting leads which are a waste of time and money.

When I pointed out to the Pro at the Pro Center that 30 minute weekly music lessons from a client who is over 20 miles away ( one lead was 35 miles!!!) is not realistic, an exact match, or anything I would ever pay for willingly,

her response was to improve my profile.   While this advice has merit, she concluded there is no way for me to tighten up the radius for my leads. 

When I explained that I am closing these deals ( only because I've unwillingly paid for crap leads) and the students either come once or back out at the last minute, she said Thumbtack is working on a fix. 

Easily 40% of my leads are worthless, and the service constantly emails me threatening to lower my ranking if I don't reply. 

There is no option to explain why I don't want the lead - I guess because it's an "exact match."


as long as it's half price it's not a total loss because I'm getting about 50% decent leads. 

However, when the price moves up, I'll probably discontinue. 


Re: I'm not right!

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@DeMonki I'm happy to hear that you were able to get a profile consultation at the Pro Center. Thank you for not only sharing your feedback with employees there but here on the Community as well. We want Thumbtack to work for pros and if there's something that we could do to make it easier, we want to know about it. Feedback like this is super helpful!