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Algorithm for Profile Ranking

I just read the following on the TT FAQ sites:

"The more responsive you are to customers, the better you'll rank too. As you consistently accept and respond to new leads, we’ll take the hint. You’re telling us you’re available and looking for more work. And a fast response rate also helps — you up your odds of getting hired by responding quickly. We know you’re busy, so download our app to make responding easy even when you’re on the job. "

My question is, since many of us are receiving a lot of jobs too far away and, for those of us with Promote on, we are declining most of the "related to" jobs, are these declines actually hurting our ranking? If this is the case I am not sure that the algorithm is fair. For example, if this were the case, and I get a "related to" job for Criminal Defense Lawyer, and I decline it because I don't do crim defense, do I get a downgrade?  Or will I get downgrade when I decline a job in Wisconsin because I can't pratcice there as I am an Illinois attorney?

This is all getting really complicated. The old system was so much more enjoyable to use.



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Re: Algorithm for Profile Ranking

@MR these are all great questions! Here are some points that I hope will help to clear things up. 

Jobs Tab- How quickly pros react to jobs in the Jobs tab will not affect their responsiveness. The only time responsiveness will be measured in reference to those jobs is if the customer responds to the quote you sent. The amount of time it takes for the pro to respond back for the first time is what will factor into your score.  

Leads in your Inbox- Declining a lead is considered a response, so declining quickly will be better than taking a long time to decline. When presented with the option to accept or decline a lead be sure to choose one and not leave the customer hanging, as doing nothing will reflect negatively on your response time. If you choose to accept a lead then you'll want to send a timely message in response to the customer.