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Am I the only one

This month is 5 years I started using Thumbtack, and top pro nearly every single quater since. it woud appear that in that process come up with a way to make as much as they can at my expense. Am I the only thinking this way? It appears to me that all the changes they keep making  are outrageous, lacking logic or common sense. If there are any of you usisng the platform for over 3 years having more success today than back then?  I've already had many conversations with custumer service, they are always pleasent and professional, but don't have any leverage or power for real change. I'd like to hear your experiences.  Thank you.  Francisco

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Re: Am I the only one

You are not the only one.  You only need to browse the small business talk>trending topics or the pro lounge>forum sections of the TT community to see that many of these changes have chased a lot of us away.  

Thumbtack was so useful to me when I initially started my business, so I check back periodically to see if things have improved, but I'm largely getting my work elsewhere at this point.

Shareen Mann
Freelance writer and editor with The Write Mann, LLC
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Re: Am I the only one

Thanks for that reply! I’m one always inclined for solutions. I’ve shared my views with them many times, never a follow up.
I can say that staying very active in linked in seems like a good long term investment, based on the activity and people looking at my profile. But there changes are strange too, as premium member I was getting job requests, but now they seem to have stopped that, and $59 a month not worth it so I canceled that. What are you doing that’s working, other sites I’ve encountered, seem to be racing to the bottom. Thanks again!

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Re: Am I the only one

We are down big time since the changes. Morale crushing 50$ quotes for new canned responses.

Any day now your customized template is going away too.

Can’t wait.
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Re: Am I the only one

@zalezphoto I'm happy I was able to catch you in a direct message. Any feedback you have on our recent changes are super appreciated, feel free to send them to me at any time.

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Re: Am I the only one

You are not the only one
I've been with the Thumbtack more than 5 years and business is gotten worse and it's continuingly getting worse
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Re: Am I the only one

It is literally every single person that uses this site....

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Re: Am I the only one

Hi, @zalezphoto , Francisco just want to say you're great at what you're doing and professional. Customers are pleased with your works.
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Re: Am I the only one

No, you're not the only one.

I'm also a Top Pro. 

I've only been with Thumbtack for a year; however, suddenly in July the number of jobs I got dropped dramatically. Before that, I had no problem finding work. I would put in a few hours on the computer and I had jobs lined-up every week. Now, it's crashed. I have only one job for October, two in November. I sent out bids to 73 people last week and I didn't get back any solid replies. Those that I got back were fake and I was charged $50 for them.

It's horrible.

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Re: Am I the only one

No you are not. I agree. This seems to be a way for Thumbtack to make more money. I’m not too sure what you have to do to qualify to become a top pro. I see pros that hardly have any reviews and they are a top pro. I don’t get it. I was one of the very first pros on Thumbtack. They used to give awards which I got. My thinking is the pros who quote the most will get that status. I have tried reaching out to support and have not gotten any satisfactory answers or sometimes no reply. You used to be able to call them but now I believe it’s just email or text.