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Level 8

Re: Am I the only one

No you are not the only one. We were a Top Pro and now no bookings through TT in 2 years. We are hopeful they will figure it out and we can re-engage with the service. Until then we are on the sidelines doing our business as we have for decades.

What we have seen is enough changes to know they will change it again if we wait.

Level 4

Are any Professional Photographers happy with Thumbtack and their cheap clients??

As a professional photographer for over 25 years, i have seen a lot of markets, its ups and downs.

I have had no luck at all with thumbtack as a marketing vehicle for an established award winning photographer who wants some extra work in a difficult economy where every person with an I-phone thinks they are a photographer!!

Any pros out there having any luck, 

I would love to here from any and all, thank you.