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Are Background checks now a top pro requirement?

So anyway, I got this new "Top Pro Tracker"...  It shows that I am pretty much nailing it on the criteria to be a Top Pro-  Plenty of hires, Solid reviews and high response rate.  

But, then it has a blank indicating a Background check hasn't been done.  

Is this going to be a future requirement to acheive Top Pro Status in the future?  I can see it for some businesses (namely the ones where you invite people into your home and there is potential property liability issues).  I really can't see where it would apply to mine (where I don't go to anyone's home and either you are happy with my writing or you aren't.)  

While I'm not worried about a background check, I also don't really want anyone rumaging around in my personal life... I'm a very private person and I like it that way. 


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Re: Are Background checks now a top pro requirement?

Hi there @JoeB131! We recently had a post go out regarding our updated Top Pro criteria that will definitely answer your questions. Be sure to check that out here and let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. 

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