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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
topic id 33199: IDEA- Integrity & Balance by Customers & Pros
topic id 32384: Private Chef/Catering Pricing
topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
topic id 25265: Make pro pricing and rates more upfront for customers
topic id 24883: Filtering out customers with certain budgets based on pro preferences
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Re: Bring the old system back

I'm in total agreement with everything you said @AspenPaintingNC. I have the same resentments about this system as well. It makes no sense for people making inqueries and choose not to say anything to let us know what is going on. I make constant follow ups only to get either no response at all or we're still deciding. This is crazy!!

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Re: Bring the old system back

I also agree with everything shared here.  The old system worked well for me.  The pricing with the new system is way out of line with the job being quoted.  There are some small jobs that I would have taken in the past but are no longer viable for me to quote.  Most quotes I have sent out don't even get opened so the new system is useless to my business.  Unless things change back I will not quote using Thumbtack - they've gone to a business model that does not work for their customers.   There are too many other ways available to generate business that I no longer have any reliance on Thumbtack.

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Re: Bring the old system back

I agree with @Wah-Heed @AspenPaintingNC @AutumnElectric and many other "loyal" PROs

Thumbtack........where is the CEO? How about an ONLINE TOWN HALL?


OK so seriously...............I have an idea. PLEASE GO BACK to the OLD SYSTEM THAT WORKED. Ill not only SAVE MY BUSINESS, help my EMPLOYEES KEEP FOOD ON THEIR TABLES AS WELL but I will pay Thumbtack a $250 subscription fee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes, thats right. Ill pay a monthly flat fee

This Promote Your Business is a bad deal. Now I understand that TT has finally found a way to get our $$$$$$$ UPFRONT...............but seriously long before we are all going to walk away completely?

HOW CAN THIS BE SUSTAINABLE? If homeowners are coming to TT to find a PRO.............dont you want PROs with awesome PROFILES, lots of REVIEWS.................or is more profitable to simply have new PROs with NOT- SO strong reviews that will just get fed up and quit?????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Re: Bring the old system back

I WONDER HOW LONG AND IF.............THUMBTACK IS LOOKING AT THE NUMBERS, THE $$$ but I know of exactly 6 local pros in my area that have all stopped with PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS. 

TO BE BLUNT, I know this sounds tacky but other PROs that are not paying attention this community forum will get fed up being charged 500% per lead UPFRONT and maybe 1 out of 25 leads converting.

I agree with @AspenPaintingNC I have had just in last 6 leads I sent quoutes too show up as "CUSTOMER CANCELLED PROJECT" but on the APP shows they "HIRED A DIFFERNT PRO

VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY SUSPICIOUS. What is even more wierd is not only have the quality of leads been a complete train wreck, complete dead leads, zero responses from customers........but on this one particular lead I got, the customer's response was just absolutely rude. 

She finally responded (I aggressively followed-up)......can you meet today between 9-12. As frustrating as it's been with Thumntack's quality of leads since Promote Your Business, I almost said yes and then I realized I had a commitment. I responded, "I can do between 1 and 3." The response was, "maybe next than."


JUST ADDS TO FRUSTRATION - Do not get me wrong. I have plenty potential customers in the past message back and ask to meet the same day. Its just recently with all these business-suicide changes made by Thumbtack, the PROs feedback that the changes are impacting their businesses............the frustration keeps building.

NOT TO CONTRADICT THAT I SAID - this one lead I just referred, I did not realize there is one category (PORCH REMODEL) I still have TURNED-ON the Promote Your Thumbtack got $8. Thank God not a single penny more.

SO ANOTHER DREADED 48 HOURS - I have ZERO doubts the business-killer changes have to be making an impact at Thumbtack. There are suddenly a modest uptick in a few leads that have been coming through. Since I do not have to pay unless they respond, I decided to give Thumbtack and myelf a chance. Boy oh boy............same as soooo many tother PRos complaints as of late. Myelf too....NO REPSONDED, DEAD LEADS, what else is new though I guess.

SOMETHING GOING ON - There must be a "disconnect" in the way the customers/homeowners are coming into the Thumbtack, and how they are sort of presented their PROs (or selecting) because I know this

AFTER MY FIRST CHANCE WITH "Promote Your Business" and the other way of choosing leads that still come through........................................MY RESULTS ARE AS FOLLOWS

26 leads pursued, as always "quick repsoneses, an awesome profile, 53 REVIEWS, 4.7 rating, over 70 pictures my PROFILE PAGE, includeds BEFORE AND AFTER PICS.................................................

NOT ONE JOB SOLD. ZERO. NADA. NOTHING         How can this be?????? I, like so many other PROs smartened up and I refuse to keep that horrific Promote Your Business turned on due to the RESULTS and the EXTREME FEES...........but still, 

I NEVER EVER went through 26 leads and sold ZERO JOBS. Hell, I can beat these numbers with Home Advisor.

Thumbtack............are you listening. Come on! Were telling you our experiences here. Help us. We want to make it work!!!!!!!! We PROs bay your bills, right? But it is more than that to us. Our hard work and AWESOME REVIEWS are something to show for. Something that keeps us going everyday. 

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Re: Bring the old system back

I agree completely.  There is a serious disconnect between Thumbtack’s  new system and what the pros are now experiencing.  Leads cost me around $75 each (they used to be around $18 each).  I am currently getting fewer leads and those I do get are “no starters”.  I contacted Thumbtack about this and they refunded $15........seriously!!    I would hope that Thumbtack is listening and can respond in a positive manner.  Very frustrating.


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New Quote system

I’ve been a pro on this site for four years. When thumbtack changed their “system in the last couple of months I literally get no leads anymore. I built my business through thumbtack and I am extremely disappointed.
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Re: New Quote system

I too have seen a significant drop in leads and it is killing my business.  The new system where you can no longer see who is searching for your type of business is awful.  All I can see is folks who request my bid I think - it's all a mystery, not transparent whatsoever.

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Have not had a single request since the end of November!

I've been using TT since August 2015 when I moved here from Europe, and first I was pretty satisfied with how it worked. I am a music teacher; I left a decent studio behind when I moved to the States. I would not have dared to dream to build a new studio that quick, but with the help of TT, it grew above 30 students in 3 years!

since they have changed something (I don't know exactly, what - maybe they have this so-called "Promoted Services"? ) at the end of November (?), the requests stopped coming! I have not received a single request for music teaching since November! I have the settings for being promoted - shouldn't I receive more leads???

I still have some capacity for new students, and the beginning of a new year used to be a good time when people start doing new things. But now I feel I am shut out of the competition because of TT's new system! I loved to write personalized quotes to the requests because requests aren't the same! Now not only this was taken away from me, but also I cannot see whether anyone is looking for a music teacher.
If TT doesn't change things back how they were, I am going to switch to another company: Seems to work like TT used to back in 2015 and 2016. I loved that credit system much better!

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Re: Have not had a single request since the end of November!

Same here. Or I would end up paying for someone I would never have bid on either the old sysytem. I am actually one of the most hired and rated music teachers on Thinbtack in NYC and l ended up lowering my weekly budget in November and then taking my credit card off Thumbtack in December, because I was tired of being charged for requests where people obviously don’t even know what they are looking for or how to use the service. I ended up paying way more for way less.

Thumbtack loves to release new features that are supposed to add value and make it easier on us, but they don’t realize (or do) that there is something flawed at the core now.

Thumbtack used to be straightforward and simple, with a great ROI. Now it is convoluted and not really in the interest of the pro. It has seemingly put ease of profit and ease of use for the bidder above the interests of those that float the bill for the service, the pro.

I keep hearing about Bark, I will have to look into that more, as it seems Thumbtack is no longer a viable source for my business.

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Re: Have not had a single request since the end of November!

Agreed...i viewed their platform and it is just like TT used to be. At least I can actually talk to my potential clients and quote within their budget. Thank you @Zsofica