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Re: Solutions for pros and clients looks for pros on TT

@MidknightGenius I understand where your concerns are coming from. The biggest thing I want to point out is that the new system is indeed working for the majority of pros. We wouldn't be keeping it around if it wasn't. We aren't Thumbtack without our pros and it wouldn't make sense for us to keep a system that wasn't working for pros. With that being said, I want it to work for you too! I looked over your profile and have some tips that I think will really help you appear higher in Search Results, and stand out to customers. 

-I'd recommend getting your background check completed. This really helps build trust with your potential customers and will help with your overall profile score.

-You have some awesome reviews, great job! Getting a few more will really help set you apart from other pros in your area. Remember, you’re even able to get up to 10 reviews from customers you’ve done work for outside of Thumbtack. Go here to learn how.


-Based on the photos you've shared, I can tell that you do amazing work. The past project section is a great way for you to showcase some of your best work! Pick out the projects in which your most proud of and get those uploaded to your profile to show to customers. 


Expand on these few things and let me know how it goes. If you're still not seeing success with the new system, please let me know and we can dig into a few more things. 

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Re: Solutions for pros and clients looks for pros on TT


Not trying to start an argument.

If I recall correctly, you had told me over a month ago, if not 2 months ago, that the new system was geared towards making it easier for customers to decide on a Pro, true? So now you and @Kameron say that the "old system wasn't working for Pros" "the new system is working for Pros" "we've been seeing much less confusion from customers".

Even though there have been several reviews and hires added to my profile, I will not return to the new system until changes are made with the new system( you, Kameron and other reps know my reasons why I'm not using the new system right now, at least I hope that you remember). New system may work for some pros, and some categories, but in my business, and the way that I need to be personable for each individual customer,  it's not working.

With that said, is it possible to provide a statistic to show not only myself, but other Pros that the system is working for pros? I would like to see it, because with what you and Kameron just said, it contradicts what other pros have been complaining about(there are many many pros who are complaining).

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Re: Solutions for pros and clients looks for pros on TT

If Promote is working for the majority of the service pros how come we don't see them chime in on any of these posts to tell us their success stories? That's one of the things these forums are supposed to be about right? If they are PMing you the moderators & telling you that we obviously can't see it. How about sharing some of their successes with us?

I'm seeing the complete opposite in these forums about Promote. The other majority of service pros who have posted in the forums say Promote isn't working & are angry to the boiling point about it & will not use it. Me being one of them. If Promote is this great product & as you  said "we wouldn't be keeping it around if it wasn't" why doesn't TT offer it those of us who are skeptics on a 7 day trial basis?

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Re: Solutions for pros and clients looks for pros on TT

You wrote: "The new system is working for pros..."

With all my respect, but this is simply NOT TRUE. I was hugely successful and therefore also highly satisfied with TT until 2018 November. Since you have this new "lead-system" it just does not work for me. I barely get any requests, and they are also not the types I like.

Also, in the "old system," I could see all those customers who stayed undecided for weeks. I targeted these customers, contacted them over and over again, and a lot of them soon became my students. Now that I cannot see who is still out there looking for a voice or piano teacher, I cannot contact those undecided but potential customers. That frustrates me a lot!

Another thing what I hate in this new system is that I preferred to send a customized, personalized quote to every request. So they can feel that I really, truly read their requests and understood their needs. Now, this was taken away from me.

So when you write down this sentence "The new system is working for pros, and we don’t have any plans to change it back." - You are not telling the truth. How can be that it had been working for me until November but does not work anymore??? You made TT profitable for yourself but not for the pros. That is my honest opinion.

So far I have been suggesting TT to everyone I met. Not anymore. I am disappointed, frustrated and angry. For me from one of the best companies you became one of the worst.

New System is BAD

I wish they would return to how business/quoting was done in the past. I receive too many requests that are out of my work radius and Thumbtack has supposedly “fixed” three times already.....NOT! I also have too many potential clients not respond after I spend a fairly large amount of money to respond to the request for my services. I have nothing but outstanding reviews and I believe that I respond in a timely fashion, not too sure what is going on here anymore. 

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Re: New System is BAD

My biggest doubt is that I have an assumption that not the customers contacting us but somehow TT in their stead... Because hitting a button "What is your availability" does not reflect a real interest. If I am truly interested I'd take the time and write a real message to the PRO. That's why I think those "reach outs" are fake. 

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Re: Congratulations to our January 2019 class of Top Pros!

Honestly, not sure how I did it...I think because the first half of the year, you hadn’t implemented the drastic changes. Since that has happened, I’ve only managed to score three new clients, where normally it would’ve been considerably more-I wish you would change the system back to benefit the pro, but I know that won’t happen-I’ll enjoy my 2019 status for now.
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Leads Sold to Multiple Businesses

I watch as Thumbtack sells the same lead to six of my competitors.  Am I expected to jump in too? 

Re: Leads Sold to Multiple Businesses

Well, i've got two news for you, a good and a bad one.

The bad is that it's not to six, is up to fifteen.

The good is that the business model is like that, so basically the most qualified or the most valuable contractor will get the job, or none.

It turned out both were kind of bad news, but it works sometimes, it's a lead based platform, hiring is not guaranteed and depends on "how well you sell yourself".

Have a good one.

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Re: Leads Sold to Multiple Businesses


If I see a lead go to 3 or more Pros, I don't jump in that mix. Customer is getting too many leads to choose from.   I may have a chance if it's less than 3 Pros that the lead goes to.