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Bring the old system back

The new leads system has and continuos to fail, so many pros have said it and nothing it’s being done. How can it be considered a lead if you have no way to speak to the client? All that comes across my board is $50.00 to $75.00 but they contain no real way of contacting. Often I get notifications the person canceled project but when I get on the app it says they hired a different pro, it comes off as if thumbtack is adjusting results to best fit their needs. Thumbtack is getting $500+ per “lead” bc they allow so many pros to be contacted by the same person but then they cancel, pros lose money and thumbtack profits. 

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Re: Bring the old system back

Thanks for reaching out @AspenPaintingNC. The next time you're noticing any inconsistencies between your notifications and what's being shown in the app, please take screenshots and send them to me. That shouldn't be happening so I want to make sure we get that taken care of.

A few weeks back, one of our product managers Chris hosted a Q&A regarding search results. We received some questions about going back to the old system and Chris gave a great response on why we're doing things the way we are now. You can go here to check it out! 


I want Thumbtack to work for you and I'm happy to help in whatever way that I can. Feel free to send me a private message at any time with any questions or concerns. 

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New Format

What gives? Why did the format change? Really? Who decided leaving well enough alone was an issue?


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I think this new system isn’t working

Is it me or had this new promoted thing just ruined my thumbtack leads ...I rarely get contacted or even viewed anymore and when you go to how I compare against pros in my area I have better star ratings more reviews and respond faster ...At least with the old system I was able to reach out to leads and send them my info as well as have them contact me ...I mean 931 views and 3 leads 2 of which cancelled and I was charged for is nutz ...The old system was much more effective ..I’m barley getting any business from you guys anymore ...and I’ve read so many other pros complaining ...are you guys gonna fix this or lose all of your best service providers ???

Re: I think this new system isn’t working

we're all in the same boat, read the Community boards. TT isn't going back to the old system, as their revenue is up from Promote.  With 200k+ pros in the system, it's a cash cow.  The community boards only have 10k members, so 95% of the Pros don't know what is discussed here !

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Re: I think this new system isn’t working


I totally agree with you..

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Re: I think this new system isn’t working

We had to put TT on a 90 day timeout. We pay for the services and that makes us the customer. We have to use our money wisely so they need to sit out for a little while so we can consider if they have value going forward.

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Dear TT

Ive been very open here in the community to several of the "moderators". Only 1 repsonse after directly messaging several. Thanks @Kameron for at least taking the time to "call me" a couple weeks ago.

However, Ive seem BAD and NEGATIVE complaints skyrocket online. Is TT really listening. Its very sad all the LOYAL and LOG TIME PROs here in the community that are telling TT their decisions are having very disasterous affects on your LOYAL PROs that built your company.

I agree with so many that the new way is just horrible. I was a master in the old way. When TT said, "Only pay if they respond"........I thought it was a truw gift from the MAN ABOVE lol!!!!

However, as I have stated over and over.....just like other PROs have stated here, your new system is benefitting TT only. 

Here it goes.......AGAIN. So, Im a deisgn build conctractor. I "must screen my leads" and over time I developed a way of looking for specific criteria. Even though (STATISTICALLY) I sold more jobs that were Med or Lg as for the size of project I learned over time that sometimes that was not a factor on me choosing the lead. Therefore, since I could see the leads 1 by 1 as they come in, I learned to see if they took the time to leave notes, provide a phone number, or some other information like the area. The leads ALWAYS had a fair price. Yes....there are tire-kickers. Yes....there are customers just wasting time or just trying to get some pricing. LEAD SERVICE can get all pergect customers. Still, it worked awesome for me. is the magic I created for myself. This one trick allowed me to have HUGE SUCCESS. Here is what it is. It the customer wanted conrete patio, PERGOLA, a COVERED PATIO, or they were looking from a LANSCAPE REDO.........I had custom filled templates with "before and after pictures" of 2 jobs that matched what they were requesting. H U G E   S U C C E S S!!!!!!

Ok so now in January 3rd, 2019 

Your leads went up, WAAAAAAAAAY up in price. I can no longer

A) screen my leads in real time

B) send customized quotes

C) I can only sit and wait for leads to come in

D) Im charged upfront

Here are the results the 1st time I stuck with it. 8 dead leads. NO JOBS SOLD. Luckily got 4 LEADS reimbursed but was told like 3 times how lucky I was to get them reimbursed. The leads were all horrible. Some even had the criteria in my settings, but still it goes back to...."See em in real time, look for additional notes, or specific info they are looking for so I can send them a CUSTOM QUOTE"

TT stripped me of all that. The lead quality went way down. SO AS A RESULT I STOPPED THE PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS. Not worth it. It benefits TT only!!!!! 

TT......listen to your PROs. Listen to your "loyal" customers that pay your bills. 

I will pay a MONTHLY FEE of $250 and still pay the costs of leads if you will stop this madness and GO BACK TO THE OLD WAY. Sincerely


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I AGREE WITH GGUERR11!!!! Please Thumbtack, do something!!!


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Pricing and bidding

So far I've been with Thumbtack since 2014-2015 and the bidding pricing on jobs now are riduculous. Everytime I look onto my Thumbtack App i see the jobs where "potential customers" have viewed my quotes but still see "Waiting for customer to respond" and also the ones where "Are you available" or "When are you available" leads come in. I make it a point to follow up quickly even when I'm awaken from my sleep and do respond and then get absolutely no response (yes i am pissed) and then i end up losing money?!?! I know other pros have said it already but this format is not working out. I may have gotten one more booking before the end of the year but already loss money just to get that 1 event. This is really crazy, I'm at a point now where I'll have to finish out my committments from the gigs already booked and put my platform elsewhere. I really used to enjoy Thumbtack but losing money is not a good look. What makes it worse is that some customers are really just making inquiries since they are allowed to see the message "It's free with no obligation to hireand not follow through with us, that in my opinion is a huge slap in the face while my budget goes up!!!! THAT IS NOT COOL!!!