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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

I've been a top pro for a couple years, through all the changes. I haven't noticed anything better than before. Besides, now the customer can contact the business owner without asking for quotes from multiple people, but in that case thumbtack will charge extra money just to quote, no matter if you get a response. Most of the changes made things harder on us. I've had customers tell me that, through thumbtack they couldn't figure out how to leave a review. That should never be an issue. I agree with just about everyone making comments, I've experienced almost all the problems being talked about. In my opinion the old system was much better.
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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

I think I get one job from Thumbtack every couple months now and it's how I built my entire business in the beginning. I've given up on it completely. 

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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

Becoming a Top Pro 5 years in a row is great but losing money on promotion is not a great feeling. I have stop bidding (paying for leads) that don't turn into a hire. I understand making things easier for potential clients but when vendors are not being hired, then this is not a two-way street.  If the old system is not coming back and a lot of vendors are telling you that the system isn't working, then what is it going to take to make that change? The system was not broken when i first started with Thumbtack but now, the only jobs i have on Thumbtack were made before the system was changed and a referral from a former Thumbtack customer. Again, what is it going to take to realize that this system is not working for myself and other vendors? I tried to call a couple of times but i cannot sit on hold for 20 minutes waiting for someone to pick up the phone.

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This new system isn't working

I've been using Thumbtack since 2015 and have been grateful to work hard to become a top pro. With the new system I am not generating any leads at the rate I know I should be. I am getting several "views" weekly but it seems almost none of them lead to anything tangible. With this new system I can't even reach out to these "leads" to check in, answer any questions,etc. I'm really unsure how this new Thumbtack is any different than being searchable on a search engine like Google. You are absolutely overwhelming the person who is coming to look for providers by giving them a list a mile long. In business you learn not to ever give your client too many options because what happens is they now need time to "think" meaning no action. 5 of the best suited/and or fastest pros was ample for the consumer to select from. Please get rid of this new system, esp as so many of your top pros aka your highest performers are simply un-happy due to lack of business from it. 

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Re: This new system isn't working

I agree with you 100 percent
The new system spend more money get nothing in return .

Especially with the promote you get charge even if you don’t want to respond because thumbtack has sent out 3 to 5 quotes for the same job .

Moderator Kameron

Re: Bring the old system back

Hello pros, as we've done in the past we'll be closing this thread to help keep things organized and easy to find and read in the Community. We want to thank you for sharing and sending us your feedback! Here are a few words from Jason in our Q&A yesterday that I think you’ll all find some benefit in.

"We know that it’s really important for your business to succeed, and we hope that we can partner with you to help you reach your goals.

I hear your frustrations - there’s been a lot of change at Thumbtack lately. But the good news is that the major changes are behind us! And that means that the new system is here to stay. Let me tell you why that's a good thing: in the old world, with the old system, 80% of customers never saw a single pro.  They'd come to Thumbtack looking to hire, but they'd leave before talking to anyone. Those were your potential jobs - money that could have been in pros' pockets!

So we knew that we had to introduce customers to pros instantly, so that they'll actually hire someone.  Customers want instant results! Just think about your own experience on Amazon or online travel sites.  The new system let's us give customers the instant results they expect.  This new system is working for customers and pros alike, and we believe it can work for you too!

That said, we know the system isn’t perfect yet, and we need your feedback to make it better. So keep posting your ideas! Tell us what’s working or not working. Remember that improving Thumbtack takes time: not every idea will lead to an update overnight. So we ask for your patience as we work through your feedback and release subsequent improvements.

In the meantime, there are a few things you can do right now to be more successful in the new system. Here are a few ways to rank higher in search results:

  1. Improve your profile
  2. Promote your profile
  3. Respond quickly
  4. List your prices
  5. Get lots of great reviews

It’s important to me to see pros like you succeed on Thumbtack. I joined Thumbtack because I believe in small businesses, and I have all the respect in the world for what our pros do. It’s my job to make your voices heard and I take that seriously.

Even more, Thumbtack won’t succeed if you don’t succeed. This is a partnership. So we can’t make decisions that benefit the customer or the company at the expense of our pros. We’re here to support you, so if you’ve tried the recommendations we’ve posted and still aren’t finding success - let us know! Call support or send our moderators ( @Meckell or @Kameron ) a private message"