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Calculating Percentages - A possible Solution

All Pros complain about review percentages being off: Here's a way to solve it!

For example, A pro has 50 reviews, 48 -5 Star, 1-4 Star, and 1- 3 Star

Total possible = 250 (50x5)

Total available = 247 (48x5+1x4+1x3)

Percentage = 98.8% (247/250) (Round Up to 99)

How hard is that! As the Pro gets better, his percentage get higher. The algorithm gets recalculates each time a review is received. 


Pros are quite sensative about this percentage since it affects their business. (I'm one of them) .......Denny

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Re: Calculating Percentages - A possible Solution

@Digitalwhims  I  am sensitive about five other things AND Review Percentage. If there are five "things" that impact my profile ranking for searches, I want to see them and calculate them. But really, there are six "things". The last and more important thing is "Promote". But how is the weight of promote calculated? How is the weight of any factor calculated?

I did a test of what Promote could do for my rank. When I turned on Promote, I went from #15 dow to #8. And then without doing anything, two days later I dropped to #10. How did that happen? maybe one of the pros turned on promote and jumped ahead of me. How can I be sure?

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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Re: Calculating Percentages - A possible Solution

I am a top pro with 110 testimonials and a 4.9% rating. I have been hired 115 times. I follow up vigilantly with every lead I bib on. I cannot agree with your suppositions. There are far too many mitigating circumstances with how leads are allocated, charged, presented, etc. for your formula to hold up. 

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Re: Calculating Percentages - A possible Solution

@Marylyn I know that there are many factors involved, and just was trying to get somewhere with the calculation of the percentages, make it more accurate...and less confusing..I invite you to devise a better way to standardize the calculation. Denny 

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Re: Calculating Percentages - A possible Solution

@Digitalwhims thanks for taking the time to share this. I'll be forwarding this for our teams to review and compare to our current review rating system. 

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