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Clients that are trolling you to sell their own products

I just got a private call from someone who was hiding their identity and asking if they could use credit cards in my studio.  And then they hung up quickly.

Seconds later I get a call from someone who wants to set me up for using credit cards with my private studio.   I asked her if she just called me about violin lessons and she immediately hung up on me.

How many of you suspect that some of your inquiries are other frustrated salespeople from call factories who are using sites like Thumbtack to find more of their own prospects and leads?

How do we spot inquiries like this before they cost us money trying to find out more about us?  I have no way to cross check phone numbers, especially when they hide them behind private lines.   But I notice that the more leads I get the more of these cold calls I get from these call farms.

I do not come here to be the customers.  I come here to find customers.

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Re: Clients that are trolling you to sell their own products

I've been getting ROBO calls with companies trying to sell me things and Thumbtack is listing them as if a customer is contacting me and they are charging me for the lead. I called and complained, but they don't seem to have a real customer service center so I don't know if they're researching it or ignoring it.



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Re: Clients that are trolling you to sell their own products

@violinsensei @SMedaglia18 We have a system set in place that catches suspicious activity so I'm so sorry to hear that these got through. If you send me a private message with the customer's names that these calls are coming from, I'll take a look into them. If you could also include the other phone numbers that you're getting calls from, I'll look and see if they're associated with Thumbtack. I'll make sure I get you taken care of. 

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