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Confusion on when work should be done for Events

For event planners and other vendors in the Event Industry do you find it frusterating when a potentail client doesn't put an exact date of their event? When I receive these quotes I'm torn if I should submit a bit and be charged when I don't even know if I am avaialable on the date of their evernt. Has anyone come up with a solution so they aren't wasting money for a job they can't do because of the date?

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Re: Confusion on when work should be done for Events

This is a great question, @DGNEvents!

@ChefPaulStaley@DustiO, and other events pros in the Community: do you have any ideas or solutions here?

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Re: Confusion on when work should be done for Events

Hi @DGNEvents it would depend on your particular situation - for me, as a cake maker, I am a solo act. I never bid on jobs if I am not sure of the date, as I don't have anyone to delegate to if I happen to have another job confirmed for the actual date.

Not sure if this is a solution, but at least you know I'm over here, completely understanding your frustration! 


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Re: Confusion on when work should be done for Events

I also find it frustrating, but I am lucky enough to have the ability to double book on certain occasions and have only had to turn down one person who had an open date request on here and it was a few years ago. With the new increase in pricing, I think it would be a fair option for Thumbtack to be able to refund those credits if a situation like the one you are describing happens. The safest route would be to not bid on those jobs at all, but that is a disservice to both the potential clients and for you as a Thumbtack pro. @JasonB Any idea if a potential refund of credits for open date requests is a possibility in case of double bookings and the inability to take the job is a possible solution?