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Customer view

So I was on facebook and saw a sponsored post from Thumbtack with my picture on it, no problem, that's great. But when I clicked on my picture/profile, it says this pro might not be right for you and also lists me under administrative services, marketing, etc. Which I totally am not. Not sure who or why this happened but I am wondering if this has anything to do with my hires going down significantly this week.
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Re: Customer view

Wow. That is crazy. I also saw my picture come up and it showed that I had no reviews. Which I have two.
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Re: Customer view

@nora I checked into your situation as well to see that you have two profiles. One with 2 reviews and the other with 0, so it's likely the second one that is showing up.

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Re: Customer view

@leahbraswell thanks for reaching out about this. I found that in your account you'd previously filled out preferences for a few different services, but that resume writing is currently the only one that you offer. I've gone ahead and adjusted this for you on our end and it should correct itself in the next day or two.

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