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Customers who back out from your deal

What to do if a customer hires you (either by phone, text or email) but then they submit a new request with the same dates, same location with a different or same name in Thumbtack? This is really annoying specially because I spent money on this customer and at least an hour trying to go over their needs and wants and they leave happy. But a few days later, they resubmit their request using their name or a different first name. There should be a way to charge these customers that keep bouncing back and forth. There should also be a way for customers to know that every time they contact you, a fee is involved for the PRO... so contacting all quotes from PRO’s would not be recommended. I don’t think the customer knows that, I didn’t know that when I was a customer. In the long run I’m working for Thumbtack and not for my business. I charge $65 per hour of work and the usual customer wants 3 hours. That’s $195! Out of 10 customers that contact me only one actually hires me. Let’s add it up: each contact costs me $15, multiply that by 10 and we have $150 leaving my pocket. This is money I haven’t even made. I have $45 remaining, you can imagine what that $45 is for as a PRO. I’m not complaining at Thumbtack, I guess all I’m saying is that the customer should be aware about what the PRO is paying for and if they change their mind, that cost should be paid for by the customer and not the PRO. BESTBUY does it, every time you open a product and return it, they charge you 15% of the cost of the product. Thanks for any assistance I can get in the matter.
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Re: Customers who back out from your deal

Hey @ProPhoto I feel you, when I used to take calls on customer support, duplicate requests were difficult to speak on. Just like you said, not only do pros pay to send their info, but they take time to explain exactly what they offer. It'd be very frustrating to see the customer's name pop up again. Right now it's still something our product team hasn't solved entirely, but there are some actionable steps we've taken and can be taken.


Duplicate requests are actually a big reason the number of quotes a customer receives were raised. If they're given more options, they're less likely to go in and place another request. However, we're aware it's still happening, so if a customer submits two jobs within 72 hours and contacts you for each one, let us know and we’ll refund you for the second contacts. If you're still on the model where you're in charge of sending out your quotes (instead of Instant Match) and you see a duplicate request, instead of replying to the new one you can reply to the customer in the original posting, letting them know you're still available. I've seen pros even professionally mention they've seen the new request and ask if there was anything missing from their offer. 


As for the customer knowing it costs the professional, the info is there for the customer to read. However, I get it - I don't think Thumbtack makes it super obvious and the majority of customers may not take the time to look into how we work before sending in a request. Something we could improve on for sure.

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Re: Customers who back out from your deal

I have been using thumbtack as a pro since 2014, I also have used thumbtack as a consumer.  There is absolutely no information that tells the consumer the pros are getting charged inflated prices when they put in a request.


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Re: Customers who back out from your deal

I think making the leads phone number and/or email available in their original request would help fix this. That way even if they resubmit, u can match the email/phone and u dont have to bid on it a second time

Re: Customers who back out from your deal

Yes, I have had people say they are coming to our store, & don't come, or they are going to call, and don't call. Clients are sometimes flakes.
And yes! I have seen them change their name and make a new request.
Thumbtack can't predict what's going to happen, but the new system should be able to determine if this is a flake or a scam customer before they charge us a fee.
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Re: Customers who back out from your deal

I'm having similar experiences. Here is a conversation I had today when a prospect countered my quote. The quote was for $160 in which I estimated 2 and a half hours at $45 an hour. I was countered with "I'll pay $50". Take out the $38 and I'm looking at working for $12.  It seems it now takes winning 3 jobs to come out on the positive side. Would like to find a more fair solution.

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