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Drop Off Catering & Alcohol

For a caterer in Tennessee there are a lot of jobs we can't bid because the customer is requesting "alcoholic beverages" and then requesting "drop off service only".  It needs to be set where the customer has to check one or the's not legal in TN for me to drop off food AND alcohol without having a licensed bartender there to serve.  So if it shows alcoholic beverages AND drop off, we just have to pass everytime.  This should be an easy fix.

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Moderator Meckell

Re: Drop Off Catering & Alcohol

@JENNIFER2018 I'm glad you brought this to my attention. I went ahead and sent your feedback to our Product Team! Let me know if you have any other feedback for us. 

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I'll Ask Again....

I have asked before and was told it would be "looked into" well let me ask again so it can get "looked into" again.  In Tennessee it is against the law for a catering company to drop off alcohol at an event without furnishing an ABC licensed bartender to serve the alcohol.  Yet request after request comes across wanting "Beverages (Alcoholic)" and requesting "Drop off only required".  I cannot bid these jobs because they are asking for something that's illegal for me (as well as any other caterer) to do.  This should be a simple fix...if the client checks "drop off" they cannot request alcohol and vice versa.  How about a little REAL help with this?

Thumbtack Employee MichelleT
Thumbtack Employee

Re: Drop Off Catering & Alcohol

@JENNIFER2018 - thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I’m the Category Manager overseeing Events categories (including Catering). Unfortunately this is actually not an easy solve as we have the same back-end infrastructure for Catering across all states. With that said, we definitely will look into this and see if we can come up with a short-term solution. I have started the conversation with my team. We will follow up shortly! - Michelle

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Re: Drop Off Catering & Alcohol

I would be very surprised if this wasn't the law in all states...otherwise there's nothing stopping a caterer from selling alcohol to an event with minors, etc.

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